2010 Technology Predictions

Well, this year and this decade is almost over! As I do every year, I am going to write my predictions for what big technologies will be coming out in 2010!

1.    Apple Tablet
This device has been rumored for over a year now, and I think the rumors are pointing to the January 26th Apple event for the release of the Apple Tablet!
2.    More Set top Boxes
Set-top boxes that allow users to access internet content on their living room television sets. This is going to be more common because more people have stopped using cable and just use the internet to watch the TV shows they want to see.
3.    iPhone on a New Carrier
All iPhone users know the pain for having AT&T service. Apple has been exclusive with AT&T since the iPhone was released but that exclusivity expires in this June and I think at the very least, Apple will be adding an additional carrier if not replacing AT&T, rumors suggest Verizon which I think would be awesome!
4.    More 4G Coverage
Although 3G internet is just starting to roll out, it is still not finished but, the next generation of cellular internet, 4G is coming out and is being rolled out in major cities. In 2010, I think 4G will become much more common and will continue to roll-out into

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