Accounting Should Transition to A Fully Digital Process

I have been taking Accounting Class for the last 10 weeks or so and I actually do enjoy it quite a lot however, I have made one observation, accounting on a computer reduces human errors and although there are downsides to depending on technology, the reward outweighs the risk.

Accounting is not extremly complicated, it can be confusing at times but, for the most part, it is basic addition and subtraction but, once you learn all the rules and processes the biggest issue that people run into is human error which I will admit can occur on both computers and paper but, it is much more prevolent on paper. The biggest problem is that people make mistakes; it happens to everyone and there is not real stopping it except by training accountants to be able to catch their errors and knowing how to problem solve. But, little things like writing a number in the wrong collum or  copying the wrong number could totally ruin a comapny’s finances.

Computers and Accounting software has made accounting a lot easier than it used to be because there is no handwriting and as far as mistakes a lot of modern software can point out errors. The Software makes sure you are using the proper account and makes sure that the technique is correct. I am not saying that this will resolve all the problems and will let anyone with a computer be able to  be an accountant but, it will curb the human errors. Although computers have glitches and power outages, the benefits of using a computer severly outweighs the minor inconvenences of technology.

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