’s 3rd Anniversary

Without me realizing, last Monday, October 19th was the 3rd anniversary of I knew it was coming up but I was so busy with other things I completely forgot to find the date of the official founding of! Although in the earlier days, the articles I wrote were extremely in frequent and not always the highest quality, I persevered and I now have 223 articles written! has also had some videos as well as written content expanding the amount of content on the site! I am very grateful to my readers over the years and although, this year I have no big plans for to celebrate the anniversary, I plan to continue writing articles and informing all my readers! Next year, maybe there will be a big celebration of some kind but, for now I will continue writing as many articles as I can and continue to inform everyone!

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  1. Bob says:

    Happy anniversary! I have truly enjoyed watching you grow and your writing evolve. I’m looking forward to your future work.

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