Announcement: Apple Week

I have decided that every once-in-a-while, I will do an entire week’s worth of blog posts about a single area of interest. I hope that these theme weeks will allow me to share everything I can about certain topics and allow all my topics to combined under the one encompassing theme. I will not be doing a single theme every week but, I will do it when I have a bunch of topics I want to put together.

I recently got a brand new Macbook Pro and this is my very first mac! I decided that because this is a big change that I would dedicate the next blog posts for this copming week to cover all sorts of Apple topics from software, to an actual review of my Macbook Pro and much more. I hope to express and share my new expirences with everyone and help others making the switch to the Mac.  I hope everyone enjoys Mac week and all the other theme weeks in the future. I will also have a special category for all the theme weeks so that you can read the whole week’s worth of articles with ease.


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