Apple Back to the Mac Event Review

Here’s what happened at yesterday’s Back to the Mac. Most things were predicted previously so there were no major surprises.

  1. iLife ’11– This was no major addition. It added some more features to Garageband that makes creating music even easier, guitar amp effects, and a “How Did I Play That” feature which is like a Mac version of Guitar Hero . Garageband also added new more basic lessons/ iMovie added some more advanced audio features and quick trailers which is cool. It also added one click effects, new themes and face detection in video. iPhoto added new photo books, additional Facebook functions, the ability to email photos (why didn’t they have that from version 1?), as well as photo lettercards. There was no mention of iWeb or iDVD and I think both of those apps are done. All the new
  2. Facetime for Mac-Face time was introduced for Mac as a standalone application for only Snow Leopard. It should be made availilbe for more versions of Mac as well as Windows to really make using Facetime more useful but it finally will give me some more people to talk to with my iPod Touch. Facetime for Mac has been released as a beta and can be downloaded from Apple.
  3. App Store for Mac- This is not in place of being able to freely installing applications although people speculate Apple will do that in the future. It is a great way to find and install Applications for your mac without having to go through the process of finding, downloading and installing applications. This will already be coming out in the next 90 days for Snow Leopard!
  4. Mac OSX Lion: (Mac OS 10.7) We also got a preview of the next version of OSX, Lion. Lion brings some features of iOS to the desktop platform. It has a new method of switching Applications called “Mission” which replaces: Expose, Spaces, and Dashboard. It also integrates more multi-touch gestures. There are hopefully more features but, that is all that was demonstrated yesterday. It is set to launch Summer of 2011 and I think I will cost only $29 like Snow Leopard because it is a lot of interface tweaks and not a lot of new features.
  5. Macbook Air- The final thing announced yesterday was 2 new Macbook Airs which now come in 11 inch and 13 inch varieties. They only have Solid State hard drives making them even thinner and now they start at $999.

Overall it was a good event, iLife wasn’t that exciting but the rest of the announcements were and I am excited to get Lion when it comes out.

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