Apple iPad Event Summary

On Wednesday, Apple unveiled their new iPad and a few other products. There weren’t any surprise features although some things that I predicted wouldn’t happen, actually did happen. The first of those, also the first announcement of the event, an updated Apple TV. I didn’t think this would happen because they are allegedly working on a television set so why would they put out another set top box if the television is in the works. The new Apple TV outputs 1080p and has a redesigned interface. Those are the only changes so, it is a minor upgrade, the form factor has remained the same as has all the other specs. They also announced the addition of Movies to iTunes in the Cloud so you can download your purchased movies to all your devices with ease.

The big announcement was of course the new iPad, yes that really is the new name of the product, not the iPad 3 nor the iPad HD. The primary new feature of the new iPad is the new Retina display which is extremely high resolution, it looks beautiful and provides an amazingly high resolution output but, it requires more power, so the new iPad has a new A5X processor that adds quad-core graphics to the duel-core processor in order to power the new high resolution screen. One surprise feature was the addition of the option of 4G LTE networking which I did not expect, but I knew it was a matter of time for it to be added, I just didn’t expect it in this iteration. This more or less confirms that the next iPhone will also have 4G LTE high speed networking, I just expected the iPhone to have it first and then the following iPad would get it. As expected the new iPad received an upgraded camera system with a 5 MP camera that can also record 1080p HD video. The final new feature is the addition of a dictation feature similar to Siri on the iPhone 4S without all the extra personal assistant features.

Apple also released the iOS version of iPhoto completing the iLife suite on iOS. They also updated the other iLife apps and all the iWork apps on iOS with more iCloud support and support for the new iPad’s Retina display. Finally they released iOS 5.1 that adds Japanese support to Siri and a few other minor features.

While this update was more evolutionary than revolutionary, it gives the iPad the highest resolution screen for a tablet. In addition to the new iPad which still starts at $499 in the same capacities as the previous models, with the 4G LTE models costing $129 extra. Apple has also kept the16 GB iPad 2 as a lower cost model at $399 as predicted.

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