Apple Music Event 2010 Predictions

Tomorrow at 10 AM Pacific time (1 PM Eastern) Apple will be holding an event to most likley announce new iPods but, there is also rumors of a new Apple TV and iPad. So here is what I think will be announced tomorrow.
New iPods:
iPod Shuffle: Some rumors suggest a small touch screen version of the Shuffle although I think it may just be a case re-design and maybe a memory bump.
iPod Nano: Most likely just larger memory although still pictures would be nice.
iPod Touch: The new iPod Touch will have 2 cameras (front and back) so it can take pictures and video and make Facetime calls. It is not clear whether the camera will be the HD one from the new iPhone or a different lens system. I think it will also add the Retina display.
iPod Classic: Most likely just a memory bump, no major changes have been rumored for this model .
Apple TV: (iTV) The new Apple TV may be renamed the iTV and will run the iOS. You can rent shows for 99 cents as well as stream Netflix content.  It also would be able to run iOS apps and will allow content creators to distribute their content via an App.
iPad 2.0: The new iPad will have iOS4 (there will also be a software update for the original iPad) and a front facing camera for Facetime and maybe a rear camera for pictures and video. There also might be a smaller screen version of the iPad announced as well.
New Version of iTunes: No  real ideas for features besides better social networking but, if they are going to release a new version this would be the time to do it.

I will write an event summary after the event is over tomorrow afternoon!

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