Attack of the Clones II: Apple VS. Psystar

In 1997, Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy and probably would have gone under had Steve Jobs not returned! When he returned, the first thing that he did was kill off the excessive products Apple had at the time and created Apple’s simplifed product line-up that we see to this day! The other major thing Steve did was kill the licensing program, which allowed other computer manufacters ship computers running Mac OS. This was hurting Apple’s business and because of that they ended the program and Apple came back with a vengence in the late 90’s.

Fast forward to 2006, when Apple switched to Intel processors for their machines. People began to realize that through a minor hack they could install Mac OSX on their non-Apple hardware, thus bringing the birth of the “Hackintosh” phenomenon! Apple had tried to sue people and stop this but they were unable to contain the craze. Then, the next generation of clone manufactures arrived. Psystar attempted to sell computers that were significantly less expensive than Apple’s computers and they came pre-installed with Mac OS. Apple, immediately sued them for copyright infringment anda violation of the Digital Millenium Copy Right Act (DMCA). Last week, as I reported on The Weekly Spin episode 48 Apple won their judgment once again suppressing the clones. I know this won’t stop people from Hackintoshing their own machines, although Apple will try a peruse them for that as well.  In fact, Apple, has disable Atom processors, the processors used in many netbooks, from running Mac OS which stops Hacintosh Netbooks which is had become very common. However, if Psystar won this, which was highly doubted from  the start,  it would greatly harm Apple’s business and could cause a repast of many of the problems of the 1990’s! Luckily for Apple, poorly working clones won’t be sold and if you want a fully working Mac OS machine you will need to get a Apple computer.

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