AVCHD Workflow for Final Cut Pro

As I mentioned in my previous post AVCHD is a bit of a difficult format although Final Cut Pro makes it easy to use this format, I am going to give you every step you need to use AVCHD efficiently.

  1. Connect Memory Card or Camera to Computer
  2. Copy THE ENTIRE CARD as a backup leave the folder structure completely intact. This is incase you need to recapture footage which can only be done if the card hierarchy needs to remain perfectly intact.
  3. Open Final Cut Pro
  4. Set Scratch Disks to where you want video to be captured to
  5. File —–> Log and Transfer
  6. Select Clip and give name, set in and out point and input other metadata
  7. Click Add Clip to Queue
  8. Repeat for other clips
  9. Edit your video
  10. Copy final project file and scratch files to your archive location if you want to re-edit later

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