Can Live Webstreams Replace Mainstream Broadcasting?

In the late 1990’s a few pioneers began to experiment with stream live video over the Internet. Although the video quality was poor, this laid the groundwork for the live webstreaming of today where, because of services like Sticcam or UStream anyone with a webcam is able to stream live with very little technical skills at all! This has developed the idea of “Lifecasting” where people like Leo Laporte, Chris Pirillo and many others stream themselves continuously throughout the day.

However entertaining this is, I am not sure if Live Webstreams will be able to compete with standard broadcast like Television and Radio in the current state because as of right now, it is mostly people just sitting in front of the camera and giving information. I think inorder for webstreams to compete, people need to produce entertainment streamed live. I think this can be achieved in two ways: first, independant producers creating live entertainment and secondly, for big production companies to live stream their shows in simucast to broadcasting over the air. This would be great because for now at least, to watch TV shows online, you have to wait until the next da. However, the big trend in viewing right now is video-on-demandso that people can watch what they wnat whenever they choose but, if they combind a live web stream and then have a on demand version after the  live webstream then the viewer can get the best of both worlds. I still prefer to watch video on demand however,  many people like watching content live and for things like news live is nessesary but, I think Video-On-Demand is the more popular trends still and will probably remain that way.

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