Can Macworld Survive Without a Stevenote?

A few weeks ago, Apple Inc. released a Press Release announcing that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, will not be delivering a keynote at Macworld and that Phil Shiller, Apple’s Senior Vice-President of Worldwide Product Marketing, will deliver the keynote instead of Steve.  It was also announced; that this will be the last keynote Apple will be giving at Macworld. This came as a major disappointment to many Apple fans and fanned the flames that Steve Jobs’ health is failing. According to an inside source, Steve is fine and is not attending for “Other Reasons”.  I was personally disappointed when I heard this news but, I will not be commenting on Steve’s health because as of now it is all speculation.  I really hope he is not sick, because for the 13 years that he was away from Apple were the worst years in the company’s history. But, the fact is that if he isn’t sick, he is not immortal, and he will have to leave Apple eventually.  Because of that, Apple needs to begin to put other people into the limelight and make it so Steve Jobs isn’t the only public face of Apple so it can go on with or without Steve.

As far as Macworld Expo, Technology tradeshows have faded out recently and especially with the poor economy people and companies are much less likely to pay expensive Tradeshow fees for admission and for companies to have a booth. For Apple, it was totally not worthwhile for them to continue giving a keynote at Macworld, when they can do it themselves for much less.  Plus, this year especially, Apple has given their own product announcements that going forward is a better way to go because, they can focus in on one product line and go into much further detail instead of covering multiple lines, and bouncing around and not going into enough details on each product.

Macworld will not get nearly as much attention without the major-draw of a Steve Jobs Keynote and will loose much of the buzz it had before. Macworld claims the show will still go on next year, but I think that it will not last much longer, because it will not be the same without the Stevenote. I think it will help the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which is the same week as Macworld and is lesser known than Macworld. I think Macworld will fade out until it becomes just a memory. This is because without the major draw of a Apple keynote, people would not be willing to pay for flights, hotels and the expensive show admission fee. I believe that Macworld will be one by 2013!

There is one more thing, this will cause Apple Consumers who have learned not to buy anything from Apple for a month before Macworld in January which will be no longer necessary. I think it is a good decision for Apple to do their own product announcements and this is all for the best. I will still make my predictions for Macworld 2009 and will write my reaction the day after, as I do for all Apple events now and will for all future events.

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