Canon Powershot SD1100IS- The Best Camera I have Ever Used

In September I got the Cannon Powershot IS1100IS an amazing point-and-shoot digital camera and since getting it, I have become very interested in photography and has ignited a passion for taking pictures that I never had before. The camera’s design is verey sleek and very compact; however it is very elegant and takes fantastic pictures.  The camera takes very high resolution pictures at 8 Mega pixels and has a very wide array of features.

The camera has numerous shooting modes which allows the photogapher to take the best picture possible no matter where they are. The SD1100IS aloso provides image stablization which is a must-have for anyone with shaky hands because it stabilizes the picture and makes pictures as smooth as possible.  It also has many professioanl features like ISO and other features that are usually availible on a much more expensive camera. It has a 3X optical zoom and 4x digital zoom which makes taking pictures from a distance a sinch. Another big plus, is that it can shoot both still images and videos and very high quality videos at that! The rechargable battery lasts very long and I have only had to charge it a hnadful of time in the 5 months that I have owned the camera. Finally, more of a cool feature is that the camera has a built-in accelerometer and lets the user rotate the pictures as they rotate the camera which I find to be very cool!

The Powershot SD1100 IS is an amazing camera and when I was asked to pick out a camera for my sister I told my parents that this camera was the way to go and my sister loves this camera. The pictures are extremely high resolution and it also is very compact and lets me take this camera anywhere. The Canon Powershot SD1100 IS is only $154 on Newegg and for that price, you get the features of a $300 camera for half the price!

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