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Internship Journal Introduction

As a part of my internship this semester, I have to keep a journal of what I do each day, what I have learned and what I find the most beneficial. This has to be posted online for the rest of the interns to see as well as emailed to my faulty advisor but,  I decided that I would also post these blog posts. I have learned a lot at my internship already in my first 3 weeks and want to share it with all of you!

New Media Blog Posts

This semester, I took a class at Kutztown University called New Media and Communication. It was an extremely interesting class where we learned all about the internet and how it changes society and communication. During this class we had many cool activities including: meeting in SecondLife, having a FlashMob, making a wiki about researching and learning HTML Code.   Instead of doing weekly journals or other recurring writing assignments, we wrote blog posts about what we learned each week. Although I originally wrote these on a Blogspot, I have decided to move all these posts to and put them in a”New Media Class Posts” category inorder to group them all together. There is a total of 10 posts which cover much of what we discuss this semester in class.


Mike’s 4th Anniversary

Wow, it has been 4 years from today that I founded, and it has been a great 4 years! I have written 312 posts and have more coming! I would like to thank everyone who has been reading my posts the past 4 years, I enjoy writing about technology  and other topics and informing people who are reading! I don’t have much else to say besides thank you all and there is much more coming. Later today, I will write a summary of what happens at Apple’s “Back to The Mac” Event and I still have a lot of other ideas for some great future articles!

-Mike Gdovin

New Focus for

After looking over some older blog articles, I have decided that I will focus’s content primarily on certain areas instead of the wide array of subjects I have covered in the past. This should provide higher-quality content and hopefully, more interesting articles to read. You may have noticed that the categories have been re-structured, I simplified them and then also organized them better than before. I also have changed the site theme again because I wasn’t happy with the previous theme. The content categories that I will focus the future articles on are already topics I have been writing about a lot so none of them should be a surprise, the topic focuses are:

  1. Apple
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Video Production
  4. Product Reviews

These will not be the only things I will be writing about, but most of my future articles will fall into these categories because they are what I am most interested in and have great article ideas for. I also will most likely do only one bigger guide. This way it will all be in one place and  I only need to write one article.

I think making these changes will improve much better! I look forward to writing great new posts and developing great new content!

Mike Gdovin

Screencast Weekly

When I found out that The Weekly Spin was going to have to go oh hiatus while Plaz travels to China, during the month of January, I decided that I should start a new production project so I don’t just waste the time we can’t be recording The Weekly Spin. I decided to launch my new show, Screencast Weekly, which is a video series of screencasts that have both how-to videos as well as product tours. My goal is that these video will help the viewers get the most out of their computers and be able to do more with their computer, that they never knew they could do before. Screecnast Weekly comes out every Monday and is available on as well as iTunes, Youtube and Vimeo. This is an exciting project and I enjoy making episodes and hope everyone enjoys them!

More Holiday Gift Guides are Coming

Although, according to the original schedule I set in the beginning of the Holiday Gift Guides shows that this Friday will be the final gift guide, I have decided to extend the gift guides because I have so many products I want to include. Because of that, I will be posting a Gift guide three times next week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So instead of having 4 total gift guides there will be 6! This way I can cover everything I wanted to and give you more ideas for your last minute holiday gifts!

Holiday Gift Guide 2009 Announcement

It is Black Friday once again and that means  that it is time for the Holiday Gift Guide. This is the third year of doing this and each year I have expanded the guide. The first year, it was just a single post, last year I did 3 posts, and this year I am going to do 4 posts and a best of at the end. I have already picked over 30 items to cover this year so this year’s guide will be more extensive and will have a best of post at the end covering the best items from the entire gift guide. I am looking forward to the third annual Holiday Gift Guide and can’t wait for you to be able to read them all! The first post will come out today and will continue until the Friday before Christmas and the last Friday will have a regular post and then a few days later, there will be a the best of post.’s 3rd Anniversary

Without me realizing, last Monday, October 19th was the 3rd anniversary of I knew it was coming up but I was so busy with other things I completely forgot to find the date of the official founding of! Although in the earlier days, the articles I wrote were extremely in frequent and not always the highest quality, I persevered and I now have 223 articles written! has also had some videos as well as written content expanding the amount of content on the site! I am very grateful to my readers over the years and although, this year I have no big plans for to celebrate the anniversary, I plan to continue writing articles and informing all my readers! Next year, maybe there will be a big celebration of some kind but, for now I will continue writing as many articles as I can and continue to inform everyone!

Announcement: Portfolio Page

I just wanted to make a quick announcement that I have now added an portfolio page to the site to showcase some of my best video work. I have only videos right now, however, I will eventually add works from my scriptwriting class and other written scripts as well in the future. The new Portfolio page is at and will also be the home of my Resume. That is all!

Tecker 911 Final Episode Posted

Tecker 911 has finished it’s 100th and final episode. It has been a great three years and we have taught a lot to our viewers in the course of our 100 episodes. Please check out our website to view all 100 episodes. I would like to thank the  whole crew for their hard work and I wish we could keep producing the show but, three of us have to go off to college and it could not work.

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