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Cloud Scoop is Merging into

Cloudscoop has been a great project and I feel I have put a lot of content on the site but, I have run out of ideas for new posts. I have moved all the Cloud Scoop content on to the Cloud Computing Section so you can continue to read the content there and I will also write a more about cloud computing on that site. I am also becoming a full-time college student this fall so I probably won’t have a lot of time for multiple websites so, it will now all be a part of! As for the domain, I  will have redirect to cloud computing section until the domain expires! I would like to thank all the readers andother people who have help Cloud Scoop in it’s run. Please enjoy all my future cloud computing  content on!

End of Scheduled Posts

I have been doing posts 5-days-a-week now for several months and although I enjoy it, I am going to end it for a couple reasons. First, when I schedule posts, I am forcing myself into doing 5 posts a week and making sure that I have all the posts that I need and force myself into writing lower-quality articles. Instead, now when I have a good idea for a post I will write it and post it that day. Also, writing daily posts is keeping me from trying other projects and I really want to start some new projects. Finally, I am going off to college this fall and I am not sure if I will have the time for a daily blog post anymore. I still plan on writing frequently and doing a lot of coll stuff just not everyday but, I still will write a lot of content and will be starting some new projects as well.

Announcement: Cloud Scoop, The Cloud Computing Information Center


I am pleased to announce that after months of work, I am launching a new site all about cloud computing. The new site is called Cloud Scoop,this site will be the newest part of the Gdovin Network and will inform everyone about cloud computing because it is a major shift in how people use their computers and acess their data. This site will help everyone understand how to use cloud computing and will review the best services and show how to use them. I encourage everyone to check the site and continue to check it frequently for new information.

Announcement: Daily Blog Posts has been putting posts up 3 days-a-week for sometime now, and now I have decided to expand posts to five-days-a-week! I think that adding two more posts each week, will greatly increase the value of the site and can help and inform more people. I am looking forward to sharing more information with my readers and writing more great articles. Daily posts will begin tomorrow, Monday February 23rd and I am totally looking  forward to it!

Blog Vacation Announcement

The Holiday Season is a time for family and because of that I will be taking time of from posting new blogs posts and spends some time with my family. I will be taking a vacation from blogging starting today and going until Deceber 30th!  I will be putting my usual Technology predictions for the new year on New Years eve and then will begin to kick off the 2009 blogging year. I will be spending my vacation time not only relaxing but, I will also be stock piling new blog posts for the new year. I will also be developing some new projects, The Weekly Spin is doing well, and I will have a new site launching in the first few months of 2009!

2009 will be a great year for, I plan to expand this site a lot and can’t wait to share all my new ideas with you all! Just as a preview some of my blog posts coming in 2009 will be: Macworld Predictions, Why there are too many Social Networks, and Why Firefox is the best Web Browser! I look forward to the new year and can’t wait for all the new content. I hope all my readers have a great holiday and come back on New Years eve for my 2009 blog kick off!

Sorry for the Lack of Posts

Hi everyone, I just wanted to appologize that I havn’t posted for a while on this blog. I have been incredibly busy working on my new podcast, The Weekly Spin, and have added new pages to this site including My Social Profiles and My Sites, which is a listing of all the other sites I am working on.  I plan on getting back to regular posting soon.

Thank you,


Announcement: Let the 2008 Holiday Gift Guide Begin!

Last year one of the articles that I found to be the most useful for the entire year was the holiday gift guide that I put together to help advise people on what gadgets were good gif ideas. This year, is proud to announce that we are going to expand the holiday gift guide to be every Friday starting tomorrow and going until the Friday before Christmas give four gift guides and letting me share even more great gadgets for this holiday season! I look forward to sharing gadget suggestions with everyone throughout the holiday season.

Apple Week is Over

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and Apple Week is one of those things. I have enjoyed writing about Apple for the past week but, it is time to move on to other topics. However, this will not be the last time I will write about Apple. The reason is as Steve Jobs says “If you want to see the future, look to Apple” I believe that Apple always is doing something interesting and plan to continue to write about it through-out my blogging career. I will definitely keep Apple topics in the mix of all my other articles for the future.

Announcement: Apple Week

I have decided that every once-in-a-while, I will do an entire week’s worth of blog posts about a single area of interest. I hope that these theme weeks will allow me to share everything I can about certain topics and allow all my topics to combined under the one encompassing theme. I will not be doing a single theme every week but, I will do it when I have a bunch of topics I want to put together.

I recently got a brand new Macbook Pro and this is my very first mac! I decided that because this is a big change that I would dedicate the next blog posts for this copming week to cover all sorts of Apple topics from software, to an actual review of my Macbook Pro and much more. I hope to express and share my new expirences with everyone and help others making the switch to the Mac.  I hope everyone enjoys Mac week and all the other theme weeks in the future. I will also have a special category for all the theme weeks so that you can read the whole week’s worth of articles with ease.


Sorry, I haven’t posted for a while but, I have been very occupied with W3life. We will be releasing our first videos this month  so check it out.  I have been learning a lot about video production, business and managing peopleand I will be posting more content soon!

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