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Cloud Computing and Mobile Devices

Anymore, if I am considering getting an iOS application that will contain my data, I check to see if it synchronizes with some sort of cloud service. I recommend this not only for iOS but for all mobile platforms because it protects you from unexpected data loss as well as allows you to access and modify your data from your computer either in an application or through a web application. Protecting you data is very important, and because people are using these devices for a lot of important data and if the device break or the application crashes. Web apps and computer applications usually offer more features than it’s mobiel counterpart and lets you modify your data without using your mobile device and then sync the changes over the web.

The cloud is the future of most computing and especially mobile applications because it protects your data and then adds on top of that the ability to modify it though either the web or with a application. So next time you are looking at an application that you know will contain important information make sure it has some sort of web connection for extra convenience  and protection of your data.

iPhone/iPod Touch Wallpaper Template

For those who have the new iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or 3rd or 4th generation iPod Touch, you can change the background of your home screens. I have made a photoshop template that is the exact size for the screen and will work for both the wallpaper as well as the lock screen which will work on any iPhone or iPod Touch. All you have to do is open the template and the image a resize it to your liking.

Wallpaper/Lock Screen Template (Photoshop)

iPhone Apps for Getting Things Done

The iPhone has become a major success great because of the App Store that offers thousands of applications. These applications let you use the IPhone as a pocket computer and to get work done. In fact, I use my iPod Touch more as a pocket computer than as a media player or entertainment device. There are a lot of Apps that are great for getting work done but because of the size of the App Store it is hard at times to find the good ones so here a list of the Apps that I personally use to get work done on my iPod Touch.

Mail: (Preloaded on all iOS Devices) E-Mail
Calendar: (Preloaded on all iOS Devices) Calendar
Contacts: (Preloaded on all iOS Devices) Contacta
ToDo: $4.99- Task Management
Money Agent Pro: $2.99- Money Management- Also has free limited version
Notes: (Preloaded on all iOS Devices)- Note application (What I am using to write this article)
Quick Office: $9.99- Office suite that allows you to edit on Google Docs, Dropbox,, MobileMe as well as locally on the device.
List Master: $2.99- List Application
Calculator (Preloaded on all iOS devices)-Calculator
Pageonce Finance: FREE- Tracks expenses online
SimpleMindX: (Free)- Mindmapping
AIM: Free- Instant Messaging
Skype: Free- VOIP/Instant Messaging
EmailPush: $2.99- Gmail Push notifications
Textie: Free- Text Messaging
Reeder: $2.99- RSS Feed Reader (syncs with Google Reader)
WordPress: Free- Blogging
WikiTap: Free-Wikipedia
Dictionary: Free- Dictionary
Freesaurus: Free- Thesaurus

iPhone Apps for Getting Things Done
The iPhone has become a major success great because of the App Store that offers thousands of applications. These applications let you use the IPhone as a pocket computer and to get work done. In fact, I use my iPod Touch more as a pocket computer than as a media player or entertainment device. There are a lot of Apps that are great for getting work done but because of the size of the App Store it is hard at times to find the good ones so here a list of the Apps that I personally use to get work done on my iPod Touch.Mail: (Preloaded on all iOS Devices) E-MailCalendar: (Preloaded on all iOS Devices) CalendarContacts: (Preloaded on all iOS Devices) ContactaToDo: $4.99- Task ManagementMoney Agent Pro: $2.99- Money Management- Also has free limited versionNotes: (Preloaded on all iOS Devices)- Note application (What I am using to write this article)Quick Office: $9.99- Office suite that allows you to edit on Google Docs, Dropbox,, MobileMe as well as locally on the device. List Master: $2.99- List ApplicationCalculator (Preloaded on all iOS devices)-Calculator Pageonce Finance: FREE- Tracks expenses onlineSimpleMindX: (Free)- MindmappingAIM: Free- Instant MessagingSkype: Free- VOIP/Instant MessagingEmailPush: $2.99- Gmail Push notificationsTextie: Free- Text MessagingReeder: $2.99- RSS Feed Reader (syncs with Google Reader)Wordpress: Free- BloggingWikiTap: Free-Wikipedia Dictionary: Free- Dictionary Freesaurus: Free- Thesaurus

Kindle App for iPhone, The Future of Reading

As I mentioned in my previous article, books are too expensive and inefficient. However, Amazon has solved that problem with their Kindle ebook readers but why pay for another piece of hardware if you have a iPhone or iPod. and there is a free app for reading ebooks called Kindle and is made by Amazon as well and let’s you buy as well as read electronic books and makes reading anywhere simple.

Reading on the Kindle is so easy you just tap either side of the page to go forward or back in the book. You can even change the font size to create your optimal reading environment. You can also download books off Amazon’s mobile book store and then sync them wirelessly to your device. I have been reading iCon: The Second Coming of Steve Jobs on my iPod Touch and it is the best reading experience of my life.

I reccommend all iPhone and iPod Touch users since it is a free application and books are usually around $10 and let’s you take your books anywhere in your pocket!

iPhone Application programming, A Great way to Moonlight

As I have said many times before, the iPhone and iPod Touch has revolutionized the mobbile device not only with great features but, also because of the app store which let’s practically anyone write and application that can be distributed and or sold through the app store to the millions of users! The full developer program costs $100 to join and that gives you access to all the developer tools you need and the ability to distribute them over the apps store. If you choose to give your application out for free, then it costs you no extra money to host and distribute the application. If you charge, then Apple takes 30% of all revenue and then the developer gets to keep the other 70%.

I believe the iPhone developer program is ideal for a extra way to make some money either for someone in the workforce developing applications in their spair time or a student developing when they are not in school. If they can develop an app that people want then, they could make some good money just by better utilizing their spair time. I am not saying this is easy since you do need to learn how to program for the iPhone SDK but the good news is that Apple provides a bunch of very helpful tutorials that are able to be downloaded from the Apple developer site. If you have a good idea for an application and a decent amount of free time, consider learning how to program the iPhone it is a nice way to supplement your salery and boost your resume.

The iPod Touch Could Be a Netbook

Whn I bought the iPod Touch I realized that it was such a powerful device that it does a lot of the work that people would buy a netbook to do! The iPod touch has one of the most powerful Email,  web browser and note application. The only thing that it does not have is access to Cloud services like Google Docs, but that could easily be done with software and could make the iPod Touch a full replacement for netbooks. One advantage is that it has is that no netbook can do is it’s size, the iPod Touch is pocket size and because of that it can go anywhere without having to carry a bag. The iPod Touch also has thousands of Applications that can be installed over the internet and give the users access to many more features for the iPod Touch.

There have been rumors floating around for the past year or so about Apple putting out a netbook, it makes sense however, they already have a mini netbook. However if they release a netbook I think they will use the iPhone OS because it is simple and powerful and well developed instead of OSX which can be complicated.

My Favorite Ipod Touch/iPhone Apps

I thought it would be a cool idea to post my favorite iPod Touch/ iPhone applications that I use  to help advise people that just  got one of these great devices on what they should install when they get one. I thought this would be fitting seeing today is the preview of the iPhone 3.0 software and there will be a full reveiw of that tomorrow.These are apps in addition the the built-in applications that I also use quite frequently.

Air Share- ($4.99)- Lets you turn your iPod touch into a portable hard drive, all you need to do is connect via the device’s IP addresss which is displayed in the applications. This saves the space of carrying a thumb drive or a portable hard drive and leaves a lot of space with the the 8, 16, and especially the 32 GB models.

Amazon Mobile- (Free)- This app allows users to search, browse and buy products from via their iPhone.

Balance- (Free)- Tracks your money simply good for checking or as I use it for the cash that I currently have in my wallet

Checkplease- (Free)- Greatr tip calculator and check splitter for when you want to split the bill.

Facebook- (Free)- Facebook on the go!

Fring- (Free)- One of the best apps, it allows you to use numerous IM and VOIP clients right off your iPod or iPhone

Google Earth- (Free)- Images the awesomeness of Google Earth in the palm of your hand!

Google Mobile- (Free)- Provides quick access to mobile-versions of all the best Google services like: Gmail, Google Reader, and many more!

iShoot Lite- (Free)- Great free game similar to the popular flash game tanks.

iTalk Recorder- (Free)- Allows you  to record voice memos for quick reminders and even have a sync application so youcould move those files over to your computer.

Mighty Docs- (Free)- Great offline Google Docs reader, I have yet to find a good editor but, I really want one because I use Google Docs a lot!

Monopoly Here and Now- ($4.99)- Great monopoly game, amazing graphics but, drains the battery very quickly.

NYTimes- (Free)- Great app that lets you read the New York Times on your mobile device.

Quickpedia- (Free)-Mobile access to Wikipedia

Rowmote- ($0.99)- Saves you from buying an Apple remote to control: iTunes, VLC, and Powerpoints

Tap Defence- (Free)- Tower Defense game, a reat time killer!

TextFree Unlimited ($5.99)- Send and recieve free text messages from your iPod touch or iPhone

ToodleDo- ($4.99)-  Powerful to-do list that syncronizes to

TwitterFon-(Free)- Twitter client, all you need to say!

WordPress- (Free)- Great way to blog on the go and supports multiple blogs.

Whitepages Mobile- White pages (People search) and Yellow pages (Business search) with easy access to contacts and adding to contacts

Yelp- (Free)- Find places near by where you are!

iPod Touch Review

The ipod touch has been the best experience I have had with any Mp3 player and is even better that my two PDAs. It is slim, yet powerful, and is more than just a MP3 player. The ipod touch plays music, videos, and podcasts, that is all standard features that most MP3 players have.  The ipod touch took it one step forward with a web browser, email app, weather app and an application store that allows the users to choose additional applications to install on their device over WiFi. This allows the device to operate  as a gaming device as well as a productivity tool because the applications let you choose what you want to use the device for.

The iPod Touch starts at $229 for the 8 GB model, I recommend getting the mid-level model which is 16 GB for $300 and for those  who have a lot of content, you might want to look at the 32 GB model that is $400. The device is sleek and there are times that I forget that I have it in my pocket. The media playing features are easy to use and navigate and makes consuming media extremly enjoyable. The web browser is very powrful and the multitouch zoom is great to get a closer look on websites. Email is also very powerful and I love how Gmail Contacts and messages sync with much ease. Finally, the app store makes it easy to get more apps and expand the functionality of your device and I think it is great for the device.

The only downsides that  I can come up with, is the lack of copy and paste and I would like it if it had a built-in Microphone and camera. However, all-in-all the iPod Touch is probably the best MP3 player on the market.

Ipod Touch Thoughts

With it’s amazing touch screen, powerful email, great web browsing, and vast app store, the iPod touch was an obvious choice to replace my Creative Zen Vision M  Mp3 player. I know that this contradicts the article I wrote about the Nokia N800 Internet tablet being a better replacement for the iPod Touch but, I believe it is the better choice. I have had a host of non-iPod MP3 players and they all break down and they do not work as well and as simply as an ipod.  Besides that, the iPod Touch is more than just a portable media player, it does so many different things that makes it a extremely flexible device.

First of all, the iPod music player is very powerful and elegant. The revolutionary multitouch interface makes scrolling through your music simple and enjoyable. Also, if you are connected to the internet you can make a Genius Playlist which allows you to make an entire playlist of song that are similar to the selected song. The most innovate feature is that when you flip your iPod horizontal, you can flip through the album covers and get a unique visual experience.

The iPod touch is much more than a music player, it has built-in WiFi which allows the user to surf the Internet, check email, and buy music over the Internet. In addition, the iPod touch works extremely well as a PDA with a calendar and contacts app that supports Exchange and allows it to work as a powerful business tool! The N800 was quite the opposite experience since it does not come with productivity tools pre-installed and even if you install applications to fulfill that function, synchronizing does not work well.

The email application is very powerful and makes checking email where ever you go easy and convient. Email messages are easy to read and if the default size is not big enough to read, then you can zoom in and make the text the optimal size! Mobile Safari is also very powerful websites work very well and allow you to zoom in and out using multitouch! I know that many people complain about the lack of Flash on the iPhone platform but, I do not need it because the ipod touch comes with a Youtube application so you can watch Youtube videos and make needing Flash not a concern, at least for me, I do not need flash for any other sites that I visit, although a Hulu application would be greatly appreciated.

The Apps Store has thousands of different applications to choose from many applications are free and some are paid, but, there are so many applications.  To the contrary, the N800 has very few applications and many of the ones that are availible do not fully work or just not work at all! The apps store is easy to use and has every app you can imagine and then some!

The iPod Touch is such a amazing piece of technology and very different from the average MP3 player and for me, it serves as both a Music player and a PDA which makes it a great choices for both a Mp3 player and a PDA. The iPod Touch does not have the Cellular internet, cell phone, or camera capibilities and I think they would be all nice additions but, for the price the iPod Touch is a great device and I enjoy using it. Check later for a full iPod Touch review and a full pictorial comparision between the iPod Touch and the Nokia N800.

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