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2013 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday season is upon us once again. It is a time for family, food and of course, gift giving.  2013 was full of amazing new technology products, which can be overwhelming for the casual gift-giver. This year I am limiting my holiday gift guide to five great products I own and use personally. These products are ones that I own and use myself and highly recommend them for holiday gifts.

1. Google Chromecast:
At the low price of $35, Google’s Chromecast allows users to stream content from their computers, smartphone and tablets to their televisions. The Chromecast is a simply HDMI attachment one can plug into their TV and draws it’s power via USB, which many televisions have built in. However, for those without a USB port on their television set, the Chromecast also includes an outlet adapter for wall power.

Chromecast can stream content from a growing number of applications including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, Pandora, and many other apps listed on the Chromecast website. Users can also “cast a tab” from their Google Chrome browser on their Mac or PC via a browser extension; and will eventually be able to do this from their smartphone and tablet. Chromecast is a great device for entertainment and for projecting content from one’s devices to the big screen. At it’s price, it appears to be a low-price alternative to set-top boxes such as the Roku and Apple TV. However, they can operate as stand-alone devices, while the Chromecast is dependent on a computer, smartphone or tablet.
2. Fitbit Flex/Force:
The Fitbit provides a way to track one’s activity including steps, calories burn, distance walked and even how one slept. The products themselves are a simple wristband, the Flex features a simple dots display, while the newer Force has a full LED display with a watch. The Fitbit Force syncs via bluetooth low-energy most newer smartphones and to one’s computer via an included adapter.

The Flex costs $99, while for the Force sells for $129. In my opinion, the Force is worth the price increase, simply for the watch and the display. However the Flex is also a great product for those who want to get fit and track their progress.

3. Crashplan Backup Subscription:
Backing up one’s data is essential to protecting oneself from data loss. As I have mentioned in previous posts, online backup is the ultimate backup because even if a disaster strikes one home or office, the data is safe. Crashplan is my favorite backup service and it makes it easy to give the gift of backup to one’s friend and family. Unlimited backup for one computer is $60 per year and unlike some of it’s competitors, includes backup of external hard drives.
4. Sinjimoru Docks:
Docks make it easy to plug-in, sync and display one’s device, however, many  docks, especially those made by Apple, do not work with devices in a case. Sinjimoru makes elegant aluminum docks for a many devices. They are a bit pricey, with their iPhone dock going for around $25, and the iPad for $40, not including the required cables. However, they do provide an elegant, case-friendly docking station for one’s devices.

5. Mophie Juice Pack

For anyone who travels a lot or are unable to charge their devices throughout the day, portable power is a must. The Mophie Juice Packs have been a portable power staple since the first iPhone was released an continue to be one of the best power cases on the market. The Juice Packs start at $79.95 for the lowest power case, providing 80% extra battery life. The highest power juice pack costs $119, which can provide up to 120% extra battery life.  Mophie makes Juice packs not only for the iPhone but for the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy phones and iPads too.

Best of Holiday Gift Guide

Here are the ten best items from all six gift guides to make one super list of the best items from this year’s gift guide!

  1. IMac $1,199
  2. External 1 TB Hard Drive $100
  3. Dropbox Subscription Up to $20 per Month
  4. Logitech USB Microphone $20
  5. Canon Powershot 780 $200
  6. Pogo Plug $129
  7. Canon Vixia HF 200 $550
  8. Logitech 5.1 Speakers $84
  9. LG HD Monitor $170
  10. Flip Mino HD $70

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 6

1. Logitech USB Headset $40

For Podcasters, gamers or people who just want to make Skype calls, this headset will get the job done extremely well.

2. Canon FS200 $280

For those who don’t want or don’t need the High Definition capibilities of the HF200, then the FS200 is a great standard definition camera for home movies.

3. Bose Speakers $100

For exceptional sound quality out of your computer, Bose speakers are the best choice for that.

4. Logitech 5.1 Speakers $84

If you want full 5.1 surround sound and a slightly lower price tag than the Bose Speakers than, these Logitech Speakers will provide the quality you are looking for.

5. Nikon D40 $450

If a point and shoot isn’t good enough for the more serious photographer, then the Nikon D40 is a great, affordable DSLR camera.

6. RAM Find at Crucial buy at Newegg Price Varies

For a faster machine, RAM is a great upgrade and it is not very expensive. I recommend using Crucial to research for the RAM but, because they are quite expensive I would buy the RAM from

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 5

1. Pogo Plug $129

For those who  travel a lot and keep a lot of important information on an external hard drive, you don’t want to have to fly around the world with a huge terrabyte hard drive. With Pogo Plug, you can access the information on you external hard drive anywhere over the internet making your hard drive into a server you can access anywhere.

2. Garmin Nuvi GPS 855 $218

Another great gift for the traveler, especially for those who don’t have a great sense of direction. Why waste time, getting lost when you can just buy a GPS and save both time and money.

3. Canon Vixia HF 200 $550

I love my Canon Vixia HF 100 and now, the HF200 out performs the Hf100 and is great for home movies and for amateur videographers.

4. Wacom Bamboo Tablet $70

For digital artists, Wacom tablets let you input data in your computer with a pen-like device and get the artistic feel when working with Photoshop or other graphic projects.

5. Kingston 32 GB SD Card $82

Serious Photographers and videographers will love this to record or take pictures formuch longer without having to run out of space which will be great.

6. Snow Leopard $30

The latest and greatest version of the Mac operating system is called Snow Leopard and not only does it free up a lot of hard drive space, but it causes your computer to run much faster. It also adds many additional functions and is well worth the $30 for all Mac users.

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 4

1. Uninterpretable Power Supply $60

If you have invested in hundreds or thousands of dollars of electronics and you don’t want to have your equipment suddenly shut off when you loose power. That’s where the UPS comes, in, it will serve as a backup power supply so that power surges don’t damage your equipment. At the price of $60 it is totally worth it to protect all the expensive elctronic equipment.

2. Bose Sound Dock $599

For the serious music lover, the Bose Sound Dock delivers very high-quality sound and lets you truly enjoy the music on your iPod. That is if you are willing to pay the huge price!

3. LG HD Monitor $170

If you are interested in having some extra screen real estate or just a second monitor for your laptop, for your picture, movies or anything else this monitor will work well for you.

4. HP 25 inch monitor $280

Although it is $100 more than the 21 inch monitor it is a large screen great for professionals in graphic design or video editing.

5. Solid State Hard Drive $615

Another more expensive gift, but this drive is great for speed demons who want to get the fastest speeds out of a hard drive. Solid state drives are much more expensive than a standard hard drive and they don’t have as large capacities but, if speed is a major concern, then SSD may be  worth the money.

6. Windows 7 $120

For those who are running either  Windows XP and especially those who are running Windows Vista, Windows 7 is a great upgrade and makes your Windows machine so much faster.

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3

    1. Final Cut Express $199

For those of you who maybe have a digital video camera and want to make semi-professional video but, don’t want to spend a fortune on an editing suite, Final Cut Express is the software for you! Final Cut Express has most of the editing tools of the $1,000 Final Cut Studio suite but, at a fraction of the price. The express version does not include the separate audio editing tool, Soundtrack, Motion Graphics program, Motion or the color correction program, Color, but if you just need to do editing that is not extremely advanced, Final Cut Express will get the job done!

    1. 2 Terrabyte External Hard Drive $190

If you are doing video editing, photo editing, or just need a big drive to store all your data, then you should get a 2 terrabyte external hard drive. It will let you store what you want without having to worry for a long time about filling up your drive!

    1. Technology Books Various Prices

One thing many technology lovers have in common, is that they love to learn new skills or about the next big thing in technology. That is why I think that books are a great gift that not only will be enjoyed by the technophile in your life as well as teach them more about computers because it is an ever-changing world!

    1. iPhone 3GS 16 GB- $199 32 Gb- $299

The New iPhone 3Gs is even better the the old iPhone with at least double the speed of the iPhone 3G. The 3GS also comes with voice controls, video recording, Multimedia messaging, and much more! If you want to be productive or entertained wherever you are, the iPhone 3Gs does it for you and and incredible speeds.

    1. Canon Powershot 780 $200

I have always been a fan of Canon Powershot cameras and the newst one is the Canon Powershot 780 which takes amazing photos and has some how crushed it’s predecessor yet again.

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 2

    1. iPod Nano $149

Apple has updated their iPod Nanos making them even better than before. They now come in 8 and 16 GB and have a built-in video camera. This is great if you want to listen to music, watch videos, look at pictures and take video, all on one revolutionary small device.

    1. Skype In and Out Cost Varies

Want to cut your landline and use your computer as your phone? Skype in allows you to receive calls to a local number for only $60 per year, and making unlimited calls to the United States only costs $3 per month. This saves a lot of money over old landline services!

    1. Logitech USB Microphone $20

I have already raved on how great this microphone performs for the low price and how great it is. If someone you know is a podcasters, singer or voiceover artist, this is a great present for them and will serve them very well!

    1. Flip Mino HD $70

For the inspiring HD videographer who wants something better than and iPod Nano but no a full fledged camcorder, the Flip Mino HD is a tiny High Definition video camera recording up to 60 minutes in a high definition in a little camera that can go anywhere.

  1. Dropbox Subscription Up to $20 per Month

I have already sung the praises of Dropbox, and for those who want to storage and sync more than 2 GB, Dropbox offers 50 Gb for $10 per month and 100 GB for $20 per month. This is great for anyone who travels or just has several computers and needs to keep their files in sync.

Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Part 1

Here is the first items of my holiday gift guide for this year! Remember to come back every Friday until the Holidays for a new post each week!

    1. IMac $1,199

Apple has updated their iMacs last month, and they are even better than ever! They start with a 21 inch display but, there is now a beautiful 27 inch display with the new Core I5 and I7 processors. These computers are great for almost anyone and are one of the slickest computers on the market.

    1. HP Mini 311 $400

I have loved using my HP Mini 100 netbook and this is it’s replacement. It is very similar to my netbook but has a few improvements. The display is 11 inches standard while the Mini 1000. cam with 8 inches, it also comes standard with a 160 GB hard drive instead of the 16 GB Solid state drive which, I think slows own the system. It also has a better graphics cards making it better for playing video than it’s predecessor. It is a great little laptop to take with you when you are on the go to get work done wherever you need to get work done!

    1. iPod Touch $299

The iPod Touch is a great little device to surf the internet, play games and listen to music! The newest version has a better graphics processor for gaming which Apple is really targeting at. It comes in a 8Gb model for $199, a 32 Gb for $299 and now a 64 Gb for $399! Whether you want to use it as an entertainment device or more like a pocket computer, as i do the iPod Touch is a very well made product!

    1. External 1 TB Hard Drive $100

Storage has become so inexpensive and a good 1 TB hard drive to storage all your files and media is great! It will give you so much space and allow you not to worry about running out of space for a good amount of space!

    1. Crucial 4* 4 GB Thumb Drives $34

Thumb drives are just a great way to move your data around between computers and this is a 4 pack of 4 GB thumb drives this is amazing for anyone to move their data whereever they need to go!

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3

Now that the gift giving season is only a few days away, here are my final tech gifts that are great for the holiday season.  I enjoy reccomending gadgets and technology for people to give as gifts and I continue to do this every year on! Here are my final suggestions for 2008 Holiday Tech gifts:


The new macbook from Apple is an amazing machine it has a sleek alluminum design, and is extremley powerful. It has a Nvidea grpahics card so it is great for work and games. This a great laptop for the average laptop users who don’t need the extra power of the Macbok Pro. Since, it runs Mac OSX, it is very stable and reliable so you can get what you need do when you need it!

Dell Studio Hybrid-

I put this one in because I know some people don’t want or can’t afford a mac so I wanted to give an option. The Dell Studio Hybrid is a sleek machine, it is perfecxt for both the office and home and even as a home entertainment center. I think it may be the nicest designed Desktop Dell has ever made!

Ipod Touch

The ipod touch is an amazing devices it plays music, games and surfs the web all in one little device. You can load applications either over iTunes or directly on the device over WiFi, it is the best iPod Apple has evermade and I think it will be for a long time.

Flip Camcorder:

This  device is probably the simplest camera ever to be used by you. It makes taking high quality video and pictures a snap and lets you transfer it with a built it USB port. There are two models one is Standard definition, the other is high definitition. This is great for people who like to travel or just someone who likes to take pictures and video!

I hope you all enjoyed my holiday gift picks this year, i hope you all have a happy holiday and read throughout 2009 and read my holiday gift guide next year!

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 2

As Christmas and the holiday gift-giving season is around the coner, I will suggest more gift ideas for this holiday season:

Amazon Kindle:

The Amazon Kindle is an amazing ebook reader that for the price of  $360 you can store over 200 books and you also get newspaper subscriptions that can be downloaded over the built-in  EVDIO and you can also buy additional books anywhere! This saves you from having to carry arround tons of books and coulde be a great alternative for students who need to carry around many textbooks.

Nokia N810:

I have already mentioned how much I love my Nokia N800 but, there is also a newer Internet Tablet called the Nokia N810. The N810 not only provides a faster processor but, it also has a hardware keyboard that allows much faster typing on the device for email and instant messaging. The N810 also has a built-in GPS for getting directions and finding places. The N810 is a great upgrade to the N800 and is great for people who need to get a lot of work done on the go.

Cannon Powershot SD1100 IS:

I recently got this camera in September as a birthday gift,  and I have loved every second of using it.  The pictures are amazing quality, it has many features to make sure you can get the best quality images and did I mention that this camera was only $150 and for a limited time comes with a  2 GB  SD Memory card. The build of the camera is slim and can fit in any pocket and can go anywhere! This camera has a great  8 Megapixel image and has a 3X zoom and one of the neatest things is as you rotate the camera, the image rotates rotates similar to the iPhone.  This camera has become the de-facto point and shoot camera because it is such a great value for such a high quality  result

HP  Mini 1000 XP:

Just like many other computer manufacturers, HP has relese their own line of Ultra Portable Laptops and I believe theres is one of the best. The keyboard is 92% of a full sized keyboard and has a 1.6 GHZ processor and 512 Megabytes of RAM. The computer runs Windows XP and is perfect for business people who travel or college students. The reason is that, at $360 this is a great computer for taking notes, checking your email and surfing the internet, which is all people usually use portable computers for. This is great for anybody who travels a lot and wants to take a decent computer with them where they go!

Well this is the end of this installment of the Holiday gift guide. Next week, I will have a special Dexluxe Gift guide that will have extra gift ideas!

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