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Holiday Gift Guide 2008 Part 1

This is the first of four instalments of my holiday gift guide which will provide mostly technology holiday gift suggestions.

Wii FitWii fit is a Nintendo exercise game for their Wii platform and I find it to be great for the fitness enthusiast in your life or the video gamer who needs to get off World of Warcraft and needs to exercise a bit. The game lets to get a real workout and play a game that is also a lot of fun. As you play, the more time you play, the more exercises you can unlock and use. Wii fit also allows friends to come over and workout on it and try and beat each others high scores!

Flickr Pro– I used to believe Flickr Pro was a waste of money, however, when I started using all of Flickr’s amazing features however, I became very frustrated by the 100 MB monthly upload limit.¬† Flickr Pro gives you unlimited photo uploads for a mere $25 a month. Flickr Pro also lets you upload up to 90 second video clips and lets you create as many picture sets as you like. This is a perfect present for anyone who like to take pictures and share them.

Adagio Tea Starter Kit As you all may realized right now, I am very into Adagio teas. Adagio offers high quality teas at affordable prices and one of the coolest things they have is tea starter kits. These kits come with everything you need to start drinking loose leaf tea: a tea pot, 5 samples of a specific type of tea, and a book about teas, all for $20! These items would cost $35 if they were ordered seperatly and is a great way to get people interested in drinking tea. Starter kits have a variety of types of teas  like black, green, herbal and oolong teas. It is amazing for anyone who loves tea or is just getting into teas!

Nintendo Wii– I put this on my gift guide last year but I think it is such a great product and can do so many revolutionary things that I decided that it is wroth it to put it on my list again. It is an amazing game console and is exteremly versatile.

Digital Picture Frame– Anymore, Digital Cameras have been replacing regular film cameras and why bother printing out pictures when you can simply put pictures on a memory card and have a running slide show of your most recent pictures. The frame is $90 and totally worth it.

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