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Internship Journal Week 15- May 6- May 10

Monday: 5/6



Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


Tuesday:  5/7

First thing we did was go to Staples to purchase a new hard drive that our Cinematorgrapher needed to take with him to a meeting to test some footage with the client’s editing system. We then dropped two other hard drives with footage off to a client in the city for a project we had been working on. I also checked a lighting kit back in and replaced a burnt out bulb from the kit.


Daily Total Hours: 7.87 Hours


Wednesday: 5/8

It was a slower day again, I checked in two wireless mics kits back that were out for rentals and put them away. I then setup a lighting test in the garage to prepare for a shoot in a couple weeks. I then put away some of the other equipment we had setup in the garage for another set of tests done earlier this week.


Daily Total Hours: 6.43 Hours


Thursday: 5/9

We spent much of the day getting ready for the shoot tomorrow which I won’t be able to attend because the grounds crew doesn’t want too many people of the field. So I pulled a lot of the equipment and loaded the truck they will be taking. We also tested out the Kulabyte streaming system for the two streaming jobs we having coming up next week and ran a test stream to make sure it’s ready.


Daily Total Hours: 7.85 Hours


Friday: 5/10

It was my final day of my internship. I started by finding a website that collects broken batteries for recycling because I had noticed there was a large box of dead batteries sitting in the office. I then did some green screen footage working in FinalCut just for some practice. We then went out to lunch to celebrate my last day. When we got back, we checked some audio equipment before it went out and then did some cleaning-up around the office.


Daily Total Hours: 5.62 Hours




This internship has been great, I have learned so much from everyone at Allied Pixel and got to go on some awesome shoots! I learned a lot about video production as well as the business aspects of it.


Weekly Total Hours: 27.77 Hours


Grand Total Hours: 525.93 Hours

Internship Journal Week 14:4/29-5/3

Monday: 4/29

I first Re-tubed 3 lighting kits that we are going to take its us on shoot Wednesday, that we’re set for Fluorescent and need to now be tungsten for us to use with a green screen. I then pulled a lot of the other equipment we would need for Wednesday’s shoot and got some things ready to go. We then installed Davinci Resolve on one of the edit machines that can handle the software and began test it on the shots we got Friday. After a while, I had the opportunity to work with it on my own and I looked up some tutorials online to better understand it. It is a really powerful color correction program, it takes some getting used to and a very powerful machine to run it on but it is clear why it is the top of the Lin color-grading program.


Daily Total Hours: 8.05 Hours


Tuesday: 4/30

I spent most of the day pulling equipment and loading the truck for the shoot the following day. I also took apart a tripod rig to save some space in our equipment room. I also spent some more time learning its DaVinci Resolve and trying different things. I am going to try and find some tutorials online to learn he software because right now I am just playing around and seeing what happens.


Daily Total Hours: 7.8 Hours


Wednesday: 5/1

We started first by troubleshooting some issues we were having with the air conditioner in the server room, which I noticed was making a loud noise when I came in. We finished loading the truck and left for Astra-Zenica for our shoot. We loaded in the equipment and I helped setup lights and other equipment for the shoot. Once we had all the equipment set, the shoot went very fast and we finished ahead of schedule. We then struck the set, and loaded the truck back up and went back to the office. Once back, we unloaded the truck and I checked all the cables as well as the grip kit and put them away.


Daily Total Hours: 7.77 Hours


Thursday: 5/2



Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


Friday: 5/3



Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


The most valuable experience was being able to play with and learn how to use DaVinci Resolve, which is a very expensive, high-end color correction system I probably would have to the opportunity to use on my own.  It was also a great learning experience going on the shoot on Wednesday and seeing another professional shoot in action.


Weekly Total Hours: 23.62 Hours


Total Hours to Date: 498.17 Hours

Internship Journal Week 13: 4/22-4/26

Monday: 4/22

It was a relatively slow day, I checked the audio equipment back in the that had been out most of the weekend and cleaned some equipment. We then spent much of the afternoon preparing for our shoot tomorrow and pulling gear and loading the truck.


Daily Total Hours: 7.55 Hours


Tuesday: 4/23

We met at the office and loaded a few final things and the electronics that we were charging overnight. We then headed over to Eastern University and brought equipment into the library where we were shooting the interview. I setup the lights and other equipment for the interview portion of the day. We shot the interview with a woman who is attending Masters classes at Eastern University and is planning on becoming a missionary and about her story of how she was called to her line of work. After the interview we got some shots of her around the library, putting away books and talking to other students. We struck all the equipment we didn’t needed for the exterior shots and then broke for lunch.  Then after lunch we shot exterior shots of her outside around campus. Then, we then struck the remaining equipment and loaded the truck up and left.


Daily Total Hours: 7.11 Hours


Wednesday: 4/24

We unloaded the equipment from the truck and then I checked lights, cable and other equipment that we had out it us and put it all away. After all that was taken care of, I disassembled our Black Magic Design camera rig and put the camera back in its box for storage. Finally, I researched where to find inexpensive external  hard drive online because we need to pick one up tomorrow for the client from yesterday to ship them the video files.


Daily Total Hours: 7.75 Hours


Thursday: 4/25

I spent much of the morning repairing broken BNC cables by cutting off the connectors and broken pieces of cables and then connecting new connectors. We then spent the afternoon going through and organizing some production stills they have collected over the years while looking for a picture of a operating teleprompter for a blog post that is going to be published on the company website.


Daily Total Hours: 7.85 Hours


Friday: 4/26

We started by reorganizing the garage a little and straightening out some of the gear. We then took the Black Magic Design camera out to Farmount Park and shot some footage of the Japanese house and some blossoming  flowers around it. We then brought it back and tried to look at the footage but realized our camera can’t handle 2.5k RAW footage. We also researched some new computer options  so we can view the raw footage and use DaVinci Resolve for color correction.

Daily Total Hours: 7.93 Hours


The most exiting and valuable thing I did this week was the shoot at Eastern University, because it was a different production scenario than precious productions.

Weekly Total Hours: 38.23 Hours

Total Hours to Date: 474.55 Hours

Internship Journal Week 12- 4/14 – 4/18

Monday: 4/14

First, I checked cables and other equipment that had been out on a shoot this weekend and put it all away. I then worked with our Director of Photography to ingest some sample footage he had shot both in 4K Raw and in XAVC Codec and backed the information up to the XSAN. We then used Sony’s RAW Viewer to color correct the footage a little just for practice. We then got a call from a client who we shot footage for and ask if we could crop their footage to a very specific resolution, 486×486, for their website.  They sent us a video to match the shot framing on. I spent the whole  of afternoon working in Compressor to get the settings to match the example which I think I did. The challenge was for the video to not be stretched in the final product since it was 16:9 and is being cropped into a square.


Daily Total Hours: 7.7 Hours


Tuesday: 4/15

I started cleaning some cases and removing old shipping labels from them to get them ready to be send back out with our camera that is being picked up tomorrow. I then continued to work on the Compressor settings for the client project and wrote up a set of instructions in case someone needed to work on it when I wasn’t around.  It still stretches the image so I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work. We then packed the camera and other gear up that will be picked up tomorrow and then pulled gear for both shoots the following day. We then received the ok from the client to edit those clips which was basically fading in the beginning and holding for 1 second after they finished talking which I did and then continued trying to make the Compressor work and without stretching the image.


Daily Total Hours: 7.68 Hours


Wednesday: 4/16

We spent most of the morning figuring out how to resize those clips for our as needed by our clients using Final Cut Pro and then exported them out. We still spent a lot of time trying different things until we finally got it to export properly. We then put them in a zip file and uploaded them to the client’s FTP site. Then, I check equipment that was out this morning on a shoot and then we spent some time cleaning up one of the edit machines and ingesting the footage from this morning. I then spent the rest of the day playing with the Black Magic Design camera both outside and inside the office and learning how to use it.


Daily Total Hours: 7.62 Hours


Thursday: 4/17

We had a early crew call, to go into the city to shoot a video for the Marriott foundation. It was a “Day in the Life Video” for an organization created by the Marriott Foundation called Bridges that takes students who have learning disabilities and help place them in jobs with the Marriott and many other companies. This student, works for the Courtyard Marriott in Downtown Philadelphia originally as a Bell Hop and now as a security officer. We first shot some B-roll of his neighborhood and shot a introduction piece and an interview with his Bridges represenitive  who helped him get his job. We then went downtown and off-loaded our equipment at the hotel and then recorded him walking from the Subway stop to the hotel and then interviewed two of his supervisors and followed him around the hotel and shot in a verity of locations. Finally, we recorded an interview with the employee himself. We then copied all the footage to an external hard drive for the director and then packed up and loaded the truck. It was a long, busy day but it was a good shoot!


Daily Total Hours: 11 Hours


Friday: 4/18

My advisor came in this morning to visit and see what I have been doing as well as talk to my supervisor,  which went well. I then got some equipment ready for two rentals and checked a wireless mic kit before it went out. I then spent the afternoon learning how to make BNC cables, we took a long, broken cable and made it into several small cables that we need for viewfinders and other accessories. It really wasn’t to difficult once I learned how and now I really enjoy it! We also checked to rentals out and talked a while with the one Directory of Photography.


Here’s a picture of my cables:


Daily Total Hours: 7.83 Hours


The most valuable things from this week were definitly the shoot with Marriott because it was a different from the pharmaceutical corporate shoots we typically do and was more documentary-style which was a great learning experience. I also enjoyed learning how to make BNC cables and hope to learn more things like that in the future.


Weekly Total Hours: 41.83 Hours


Total Hours to Date: 436.32 Hours

Internship Journal Week 11- 4/8-4/12

Monday: 4/8




Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


Tuesday: 4/9




Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


Wednesday: 4/10

I spent most of the day learning how to use the Wirecast streaming software which will be used on an upcoming webcast job.  We setup a camera in a edit suite and connected it to the computer with a capture card. I went through some tutorials I found on their website and then just starting trying things out on my own, and experimenting. It is a very powerful piece of software that makes webcasting a fairly easy to produce from a technical standpoint. I also discussed with the others some of the new product announcements from the NAB show in Las Vegas.


Daily Total Hours: 7.62 Hours


Thursday: 4/11



Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


Friday: 4/12

It was a slow day again, with two people out, we spent a lot of time getting things ready for the shoot our Director of Photography is going on this weekend. I spent the rest of the day working on my video portfolio for senior seminar and cleaning some stuff up around the office.

Daily Total Hours: 7.58 Hours


Although it was a very short week, working only two days, I learned a lot when I was working with the Wirecast system and thought it was very cool! I might continue to explore the software if I have a chance next because I’m sure there is a lot more. Also,  if I decide to do webcasting down the road, I will need to know the software extremely well so I can focus on the program quality.


Weekly Total Hours: 15.2 Hours

Total Hours to Date: 394.48

Internship Journal Week 10- 4/1-4/5


Monday: 4/1

Today was a busy day between us finishing the new Black Magic Camera rig and troubleshooting some issues we had with the camera we shipped to Louisiana. They had me look for Solid State Hard drives that were compatible with the Black Magic Camera and then find a local store that had them for the best price. I also explained that by using an external SATA dock thats only $40 you don’t need the camera to copy video files off of the drive. We will probably go tomorrow to MicroCenter for the drive, the dock and some ink cartridges for the printers we have in the office. I then was tasked with researching casing options for the Black Magic Camera online. We then had a client from ESPN who wanted us to dub some footage from tape to digital file from the X-Games. I used a tape deck and a Ki-Pro Mini digital recorder to digitize the file to ProRes and then I copied it to a portable hard drive that we will sell to the client with his file on it. Finally, we added the serial numbers for our new equipment into our records.


Daily Total Hours: 7.93 Hours


Tuesday: 4/2

I spent the morning putting the finishing touches on my video profile project and cleaning up the edits.  I showed it to the people at Allied Pixel and they liked it and gave a few suggestions that I fixed and finalized the video. We then went to the MicroCenter and picked up the solid state hard drive for the Black Magic Camera, an external SATA dock to read the drive and ink for our printers. When we got back to the office, I formatted the drive to be used on the camera and replaced the ink on the printer. We shot some test footage with the camera and then I installed the software on one of the edit machines. We found out that we need to use DaVinci Resolve color correction software to view the raw footage which none of our computers can handle.


Daily Total Hours: 7.88 Hours


Wednesday: 4/3

I began searching for cases to put the solid state drive, that  we bought yesterday, in when it is not in the Camera. I then searched for solutions to an issue we were having with the camera not being able to be charged using a certain charger rig we had setup despite it having the correct voltage. The website didn’t have any documentation about this issue so I contacted their customer support to see if they you’ll have a solution to our issue and they had yet to get back to me at the end of the day. The battery went down to 50% after we were using it for only about half an hour or so and since the battery is built-into the camera, we can’t simply swap it out when we are in the field.  We also spent a lot of  time today working on making our rig better for the Black Magic Camera and more comfortable for the operator.

Daily Total Hours: 7.66 Hours


Thursday: 4/4

Today, we continued to test out the Black Magic Camera and try to find a solution for charging it in the field. I also spent a lot of the day learning how to setup and run the TelePrompters they we use on shoots. This is good, because they said teleprompting is a good way to get started in the business. We also had a freelance camera guy come in and check out the Black magic Camera.

Daily Total Hours: 7.97 Hours


Friday: 4/5


Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


The most valuable things this week were testing the Black Magic Design Cinema camera and picking out the hard drive and accessories for it at Microcenter because I basically took lead in selecting what we needed. It was also great learning how to tele prompt which gives me more skills I can use in the field.

Weekly Total Hours: 31.44 Hours

Total Hours to Date: 379.28

Internship Journal Week 9- 3/25-3/29


Much of today was spent cleaning up from the open house and putting everything away. I went through all the pictures from the timelapse GoPro and picked out some of the best pictures for promotional use on social media. Since the shots were all super wide shots of the garage. I had to crop all the pictures a little to make them more focused. Besides cleaning, the other thing I did was enter all the contact information of the people who entered business cards for the raffles into the contact database. We also began to get the equipment together that we have to ship out tomorrow including the F55 to an 18 day rental in Lousiana.


Daily Total Hours: 7.72 Hours



We spent a lot of today finishing getting the equipment ready to be FedExed out to Louisiana for the film project. We also had to load the truck for a job our sound guy is doing this evening and get some gear together to go to a internship fair at Temple tomorrow. I also began discussing plans for the video profile I have to shoot with the Director of Photography as I plan to shoot it later this week.


Daily Total Hours: 6.78 Hours



Today was a slower day, so I spent most of it working on my demo reel for Senior Seminar, as well as improving and timing the script for my internship video profile. I plan on shooting the profile tomorrow using the Canon 5D and the TelePrompter rig that we had out at the open house. We also had a visit by a former employee who now works at NFL Networks. They are very interested in getting a F55, and interestingly enough they are now shooting primarily using P2 cameras.


Daily Total Hours: 7.72 Hours



Today was another slower day, we checked back some equipment that was out on a rental and did some minor repairs. I also took the DSLR and shot some b-roll for my video profile project which I am going to shoot with our Director of Photography first thing tomorrow. We decided where we are going to shoot and planned it out more.

Daily Total Hours: 7.87 Hours



First thing we did, was shoot my video profile, I had our cinematographer running the camera and our sound man doing sound and running the iPad TelePrompter so it was like we were doing a real shoot for a client! I still took a lot of takes to get I right, but it turned out pretty well!  We shotin ourcamera room using mostly availible lighting but it still looked like a full production. After we finished shooting, I ingested the footage and began to edit it together with the B-roll I shot yesterday and some still pictures I have taken throughout my internship. We also received our Black Magic Camera at last and began to assemble that rig. We closed early at 2:00, because of the holiday weekend, so we didn’t get it all together yet, plus some of the parts are currently out.


Daily Total Hours: 4.92 Hours



The most valuable part of my internship this week was producing my profile video and getting input from professionals on how to make it the best possible. Having people with so much experience is very useful and they are all very willing to help!


Weekly Total Hours: 35.01 Hours


Total Hours to Date: 347.82 Hours

Internship Journal Week 8: 3/18-3/22

Monday: 3/18

Today was a fairly busy day; first, I weighed cases of equipment we need to ship to Louisiana for a large rental so we can estimate how much we will have to to charge for shipping. I then tested a lighting kit we are going to rent out and get it ready to go. We then had someone come to pickup their battery rental and I turned out that he was someone I went to high school with who is now working the engineering department of a radio station.  I did some more tweaking to the trophy dolly video and i think now I’m really done with it. Then, I decided I would start working on some certificates for the raffles we are having out the open house so we had something to give out. I didn’t show it to anyone yet, but I think they look good and hopefully will be helpful. We also had a freelance Director of Photography who we work with come in to pick-up some gel and while he was here, he showed us some of his work he did on a cooking show in Florida.

Daily Total Hours: 7.97 Hours 

Tuesday: 3/19

Much of the day was spent cleaning up the garage, where we will be holding much of the open house. We also had a meeting to discuss what else has to be done to prepare for the open house and what food will be served. Then, I finished up the certificates for the raffles, Brian like what I had so far, so I finished all of them and just need him to check them before I print them out. We set 2 sets up in the garage one is a table with a train set on it to show motion and detail on the new camera and the other will be a person in front of a backdrop.  People can move the camera will move back and forth between the sets on a Dolly we setup in the garage. We then found out that we might be getting a 4k projector for the open house on loan from Sony. It not firm, but I was asked to make a sign saying that it was courtesy of Sony to put next to it if we get it, now that they know I am good at Photoshop.

Daily Total Hours: 7.8 Hours

Wednesday: 3/20

I finished up the certificates and the Sony sign and had Brian check them and he liked them. We then spent the rest of the day cleaning again to get ready for the open house. We cleaned out the server room and one of the edit suites as well as the desk area where we cleaned off the desks and got rid of old manuals for equipment we no longer have. I also did check some cables and lights that were out for a shoot and put them away.

Daily Total Hours: 7.87 Hours

Thursday: 3/21

We began to setup the office the the open house tomorrow, I then printed all the certificates and the Sony sign for the open house since we got a 4k projector delivered from Sony!  We set the projector up and found out that the camera does not output 4k through the HDMI port, so we need to figure out some type of workaround for that. We also figured out how to mount the very large Arri Zoom lens to the camera in a way that it would be supported.  We continued to setup the garage for the event and I figured out where I would be mounting the 2 GoPro Cameras, one will be for the timelapse, the other will be used on WiFi and controlled with either and iPhone and iPad to demonstrate those cameras as well.

Daily Total Hours: 7.95

Friday: 3/22

We spent the morning finishing setting up for the open house and getting the 4k Projector setup, which we found out does send a 4k signal over HDMI. We then picked up the food and set that all up. The open house was great and everyone seemed happy with it. I met a lot of people and they all seemed very interested in the new camera. In addition the the F55, we had a Sony F3 on the dana dolly, we also had the Canon 5D Mark III with an iPad teleprompter rig which was very popular. I had the 2 GoPros running but the batteries dies early on, but at least they were on display. The event was great and hopefully it will get some more work for Allied Pixel!

Daily Total Hours: 11.58


The most valuable experience of the week was definitely the open house, it was great seeing all our work pay off and meeting a lot of people in the industry.

Weekly Total Hours: 43.17 Hours

Total Hours to Date: 312.82

Internship Journal Week 7: 3/11 – 3-15


When I came in, I finished entering the contact information into the computer database for a grand total of 505 total contacts! I then spent much of the day fine-tuning the trophy dolly footage with color correction and some filters to finish that project off as well. I also helped test the turn signals on one of the trucks that was having an issue with them over the weekend. I was a rather slow day and I left an hour early since I have Senior Seminar tonight.

Daily Total Hours: 6.82 Hours


The first thing we did was have a meeting about the open house next Friday and what we would have on display, who would do what and what we should say are the advantages of the camera.  We then spent a lot of the day reorganizing and cleaning the camera room to get it ready for the open house, we move out the big CRT monitor which freed up a lot of space on the work bench. The camera room is mostly finished,  so tomorrow we are going to work on the garage where we are going to have the camera for the event next week.


Daily Total Hours: 7.62 Hours



Today I was the first one in the office again so I started playing its the GoPro camera. It’s a really cool camera and I love how I can control it with my iPhone or iPad using an app. I just walked around the office and practiced using the camera at first. I then was asked to cut a piece of black foam core and made it into a pinwheel using white tape. We then attached it to a drill to attempt to show how many cameras have a rolling shutter while our F55 does not so it doesn’t make the shot look like Jello.  We are going to use that at the open house next week as a benefit. While I was making the wheel, I used the Go-Pro to shoot a timelapse which I then put into Final Cut to assemble. It turned out well after doing a little color correction and was incredibly easy. I also did some more testing with the GoPro and the app to see if it worked when the app was closed or the device disconnected from the Internet. My idea was to hang the Go-Pro somewhere during the Open House and put together a timelapse of the event. I also shot a few pans around the office, however the memory card stopped reading so I spent the rest of the day attempting to get it to work.


Here’s the time lapse I shot with the GoPro:

Daily Total Hours: 7.85 Hours



I spent much of the morning attempting to get that SD card working again, unfortunately, I was unable to get it to read, so Am fairly sure the card is broken. I ran a few more tests on the Go-Pro to become more familiar with the camera and its settings. We then brought equipment upstairs including the Dana Dolly to do some close-up shots with the new camera again.  While up there, we also cleaned up the edit suite and took two tape decks out and put them into storage since we arent using them anymore. I unfortunatly I had to leave before he began shooting the footag which will be mostly close ups of the edit suite and computer monitors to further demonstrate the capabilities of the camera.

Daily Total Hours: 8.18 Hours



I began the day packing up equipment upstairs the edit suite from the previous day and bringing all the equipment back down to then storage area. I also played a little more with the GoPro and figured out how I would mount the GoPro to get the timelapse of the open house next week using a Maffer clamp and a Cardalini clamp and attach it to the shelving in the garage. I spent some time going back to working on the rotoscoping project that been preempted by other projects recently, I am going to try and finish that as soon as possible. We then checked out the iPad Teleprompter system that Jeff had been working on all week. It is really cool, the Telepropters runs from the iPad and can be controled by an iPhone running the apps as well wirelessly. We decided to test the range of the system with the control device in one car and then the iPad displaying the prompter in another car as we drove around the block and we were able to keep it running even after we stretched a decent distance apart.

Daily Total Hours:  6.93 Hours


The most valuable thing I got tout of this week of my internship was definitely using the GoPro Camera, it was something that I had wanted to do and now I have an idea for another project. It is a really powerful little  camera, and the iPhone/iPad app is an amazing technology which of course I love.


Weekly Total Hours: 37. 4 Hours


Total Hours to Date: 269.65 Hours

Internship Journal Week 6- March 4th-8th

Monday: 3/4

I started the day spending some more time fine-tuning my trophy footage. Brian, the President Video Services, then asked me to enter all the contact info from a directory into our client database on the computer using FileMaker Pro. I spent most of the day doing that, but did get a break because we got out new Sony F55 camera delivered! So on my breaks from entering the contact info, I helped out with testing the new camera and took some pictures of it with the DSLR. Here’s a picture of new Sony F55: . By the end of the day, I entered 110 people into the database and am only in the “Ds”, so I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

Daily Total Hours: 7.83 Hours

Tuesday: 3/5

I came in and got right to work on entering more contact information into the database, which is what I did all morning, I entered another 85 today and I am now in the “Hs”! Brian said that it was outstanding that I was going as fast as I was, although I still have more to go! There was also discussion on what they can do to promote the fact that Allied Pixel now has the new Sony F-55 Camera. They are thinking about having an open house in the next few weeks to demonstrate the camera and hopefully attract potential renters. We then spent the afternoon taking the new camera out to the area around the Okehocking Preserve to shoot some test 4k footage. Here’s a picture of the camera in the van since we don’t have a case for it yet:  We plan to go to Historic New Castle tomorrow depending on the weather to  get some more test footage to show what the camera can do.

Daily Total Hours: 7.93 Hours


Wednesday: 3/6

I spent most of the day entering more contacts into the database, which is what I did all morning and into some of the afternoon. We also took pictures of the new Sony F-55 Camera with the DSLR which I helped out with. These pictures are going to be used to promote the open house Allied Pixel is planning on having March 22nd and probably will go on the website as well. I entered around 85 entries total and made it to the “Ms”.

Daily Total Hours: 7.93 Hours


Thursday: 3/7

Today I spent almost the entire day entering more contacts into the computer, I entered a total of 120, which is the most I have done in a single day. I am now in the “Ss”. The only other thing I did was do a little more testing with the new Sony F-55 camera, and helped with testing the audio settings on the camera.

Daily Total Hours: 8.03 Hours


Friday: 3/8

I once again spent the entire morning working on entering names. Then we took the new camera out to a local park and got shots of the creek and area in 4K again for the upcoming event. We got some good shots of the creek and some other stuff. We plan to go back out next week to get more when the weather is nicer. We brought it back and opened up the footage in the new Sony RAW viewer, some of it was slightly over exposed but because the camera captures so much dynamic range, we can fix that easily in post. I then finished the day entering a few more names, I am in the “Ws” and only have a handful of names left.

Daily Total Hours: 7.83 Hours


The most valuable experience this week was defiantly testing out the new camera and shooting test footage with it.


Weekly Total Hours: 39.55 Hours

Total Hours to Date: 232.25 Hours

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