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Personal Update- 3/29/14

It has been a really, really long time since I wrote one of these personal updates. It’s been eight months since I wrote my last update. There hasn’t been too much news, I’ve been up to a fair amount since my last update.

I am still looking for a full time job and working at Staples. In addition, I have continued to write four times a month for Best Computer Science Degrees, and have recently focused on job profiles. I’ve also started working on a new project that I will go into more detail about probably on my next post.

I’ve made a few purchases since my last update. First and foremost is the iPhone 5S, this was a huge upgrade from my ailing iPhone 4.  The speed boost and improved camera alone were major upgrades, not to mention the many new features of the 5s. I have to say that be biggest improvement is the fingerprint reader which I makes unlocking my phone effortless. I don’t think I will upgrade my there is an iPad that features a fingerprint reader. iOS 7, and subsequently iOS 7.1,  was also another major update that really improved my iPhone experience. The new design breathed new life into iOS and made it even more powerful than before.

I am also trying to be more health conscious so in September, I bought the Fitbit Flex and then  replaced it shortly after with the new Fitbit Force when it was released. I am able to track my steps, calories and distance walked each day as well as sleep. It is a great way to track my daily activity and motivate me to move more. I am also tracking my caloric intake using MyFitnessPal which syncs with my Fitbit to give me a full picture of the calories I burn and consume each day.

I also bought The Google Chromecast and it is fantastic! Even though I already have a Roku streaming box, the Chromecast is great for playing videos off my devices wirelessly to my TV and will eventually will allow me to project Google Chrome tabs from my mobile devices to my TV as well. The Chromecast currently allows one to share Chrome tabs from their Chrome browser on their computer to their Chromecast, using a browser extension.  I think its a great little device and is a must have for anyone who likes to stream content over the web. I also got a refurbished, second-generation Nexus 7 as a deal on E-Bay. I previously owned the first generation Nexus 7 but, decided to give Android and the 7-inch tablet form-factor another chance. I use it mostly on breaks at work and to learn more about the Android platform.  My final purchase was a second 4 TB external Hard drive to backup my existing 4 TB drive. I use Crashplan for my online backup however if I were to lose my large files they would be a major pain to restore over the web. So I got the drive on clearance from Staples and have it set to clone my 4 TB hard drive every day. I plan to go into further detail about my backup method in an upcoming blog post.

Speaking of blog posts, I am planning to write much more frequently on here. I have a fairly long list of ideas and plan to get back to writing posts fairly regularly. That’s about all for now, as I said I am going to work on writing a lot more.


Personal Update- July 21, 2013


It’s been over six months since I wrote an update and a lot has gone on since then! I spent my final semester of college doing a full-time internship with Allied Pixel. It was a fantastic learning opportunity, and gave me a chance to use a lot of professional equipment I wouldn’t normally have access to. My internship also allowed me to see the business side of the production business and how that affects the project and the company as a whole. I have posted all my internship journals, which go into detail what I did every day of my internship. The other class I took was Senior Seminar which was focused on preparing to enter the job market and finding a post-graduation job. While interning, I also continued to work at Staples on the weekends.

I was honored as a Dean’s Scholar this semester by the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I was also named the National Broadcasting Society Student Member of the Year at the National Conference in March.  I then graduated from Kutztown University on May 18th my Bachelors of Science in Electronic Media.

I am continuing to work at Staples while I look for a full-time position in my field. I have been looking for positions in video production, web development, social media, technical support and writing. I have also started Freelance writing four times a month, for Best Computer Science degrees about technology careers.  I have also been blogging a lot here on my personal blog about recent technological developments and plan to continue to build on my over 400 posts!

I did make one major purchase, I finally decided to buy a DSLR and got the Canon Rebel T4i for a great deal! I plan to use it for video primarily as well as some photography. I am still learning how to use it but I plan to post some  on Flickr and/or Youtube. I have also been working on learning code on CodeAcademy with HTML 5, although I already know some HTML, and then plan to learn CSS next!

Personal Update- 1/15/13

It has once again been a while since I wrote a personal update, let alone a blog post. It has been a busy past semester with it being my semester on-campus at Kutztown and had a lot going on. I do plan to write more regular blog posts soon, there just wasn’t much time for it during this semester.

This semester, I took more classes related to what I would like to do than any previous semester which was great! I finished the semester with a 3.5 GPA, which is the highest I have ever had! Events and Documentary production was probably one of the best classes, where we broadcast all the home football games live (both on TV and live stream to the web) where we rotated through different positions for the production. Then, at the end of the semester we produced two documentaries, about the football season and the marching band. I was in the Marching Band group however, I  still did a fair amount of  work on the football documentary as well. I have posted both the Football and the Band documentaries to my Youtube channel.

To fulfill a General Education requirement, I took computer graphics where I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which will be helpful in making graphics for video projects. I have posted many of my projects to Flickr. Technical Writing and Communication was another great class, I learned how to make useful technical documentation and how to make the most out of the least amount of words making it effective in getting the point across. Some of the projects include: a Process Description  (how to setup a WordPress blog), a Product Description, and a User Manual. I have included those projects as links to this posts as PDFs. I found Technical Writing to be extremely useful for me since I am in a technical field and need to explain to people how to do something technical, and in taking this class I learned how to make technical documentation easy to follow and understand, without leaving out any important steps.

I also took a 1-credit independent study to create new intro, credit and bumper graphics for Camera 1, KU-TV’s Magazine show. This allowed me to expand my knowledge of motion graphics programs while creating something that will be used in an actual production.  I created the graphics using Motion, part of the Final Cut Studio suite as well Adobe Photoshop. These graphics are also posted on my Youtube Channel!

This semester, I also began production on my show, Showcase that I had developed to show off the best work created by Electronic Media majors and interviewed some of the people behind it. It was great leading a great production crew and being involved in every step of production from concept to final distribution.  We were only able to produce two episodes due to time restrictions after Hurricane Sandy but we produced two really great shows.  I am now passing Showcase onto a new group of producers to continue the production this semester since I will not be on-campus.  The shows we produced this semester are posted on the Showcase Youtube page. Although I will not be in Kutztown this Spring, I plan to stay involved in Showcase and help the producers as much as they need and help them continue to produce great shows.

I also continued to be heavily involved in the National Broadcasting Society attending all the major events and serving my final term as Treasurer. Part of my responsibilities this semester was to write a manual for the new treasurer so they have a guide covering all the major responsibilities involved with the position, I wrote a similar manual for the new producers of Showcase as well. This is where that Technical Writing class and learning how to write a manual becomes very helpful.

I continued to work for the Philosophy department this semester where I transfered the website to the new Ingenuix content management system website that Kutztown implemented for their entire site and trained other student workers how to use the website since this was my last semester. I also worked for ResNet providing technical support for on-campus students this semester which was great and I learned a lot as well.

So what am I doing next semester? Well I will have a full-time internship at Allied Pixel, a production company in Media, PA they produce corporate video, commercials and have a web design group as well! It  will be 5-days-a-week, full-time and then I will be taking Senior Seminar which is totally online so I will be living at home instead of at Kutztown. I am very excited to put everything I have learned to use, not to mention not having to worry about tests and studying! My internship will begin on the first day of the semester, and will be full-time.  Over my Winter break, I am working at Staples again until my internship starts and I may continue to work at Staples on the weekends during my internship.

I made a couple purchases, first I got Adobe CS6 since there is an incredible student discount, almost $1,000 off, so I figured I might as well get it while I can get it cheaper and use it for my computer graphics class instead of having to rely on lab computers. I also sold my original iPad and Nexus 7 and bought the new iPad 4th generation when it was released in early November. The reason I sold my Nexus 7 is that because I only really used my iPad and the Nexus 7 didn’t have all the apps that I use regularly. Finally, I just bought a 4 TB external hard drive since my old 2 Tb drive was filling up and I believe is on its way out. I have also been posting some new pictures on Flickr as well, many of them are from Instagram. My other new past-time is to use IFTTT, which is an automation site that does connects and automates many websites including Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, and more. It lets me do repeated tasks automatically, much like scripting for the web. It also allows me to have push notifications sent to my phone automatically using the Pushover app.

Personal Update- 9-7-12

Well, I’m back at Kutztown for my senior year and my final semester living on campus. Next semester I will be doing a full-time internship hopefully close to home in the Philidelphia area.

This summer, I worked at Staples again which was a great experience and became the top sales associate and Employee of the Month for the month of July!

Over the summer, I replaced my almost four-year old Macbook Pro with the new 15-inch non-retina Macbook Pro. I had been waiting for them the update the Macbook Pro so when I heard they were releasing new Macbook Pros in June, I decided it was time to upgrade. After much thought, I chose the non-retina Macbook Pro because although I rarely use it, I still need an optical drive for somethings including turning in class project. I also realized that I could upgrade the computer to maximize the RAM at 16 GB and upgrade to a solid state hard drive for much less than if I have Apple do it. So my computer is maxed out at 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. Needless to say, it is super fast and a major improvement over my old computer which I recycled for some money to offset the cost of the new computer. I also upgraded my computer to Mountain Lion when that was released in July which adds some great new features to an already great OS.

My other major purchase over the summer was the Google Nexus 7. I decided to buy this because it is an affordable way to try out Android and the 7 inch form-factor and the $25 credit is great to way to get started with apps and other content. I wrote a full review of the Nexus 7.

Now that I’m back at Kutztown, I am very busy. I am enrolled six classes: Computer Graphics, Technical Writing, Events and Documentary Production, Geology, Media Theory and Aesthetics, and an Independent Study to produce an intro and other graphics for one of our shows. I plan to post some of my work from Computer Graphics, Technical Writing, and my Independent Study either as I complete work or if I’m don’t get a chance during the semester,  I will post it all at the end of the semester. My Events and Documentary class will be broadcasting all the home football games this season and then make a documentary on the team’s season and another documentary on the band. This is great hands-on experience and a lot of fun!

In addition to my classes I am still very actively involved in National Broadcasting Society (NBS) as Treasurer for the Kutztown Chapter and am also on the National Advisory Task Force that is in-charge of planning the annual National Convention which will be held in Washington DC this year. Another project that I have been working on for a while is my show, “Showcase”, which will show the best projects made by Electronic Media majors and will begin production soon!

I am working two jobs this semester, as previously announced, I am working for ResNet which provides technical support for on-campus students which has been great and lets me use my knowledge to help students with their technical issues  I am also continuing to work for the Philosophy Department and will be transitioning the website from the old site to the new content management system that is being used for the new Kutztown University website.

Personal Update- May 25, 2012

Well, I finished my Junior Year at Kutztown University making me a senior now! It was a tougher semester taking 18 credits and three writing intensive classes but, I finished with a 3.28 GPA and although it was a lot work, it was a lot of fun! Writing for the Workplace was a class that was great class that taught me how to write business documents including a Resume, which is now posted on my Resume page. I have also remained very active with National Broadcasting Society, as always. In March, I attended the National Convention in New York City which was a great experience where I learned a lot and got to take some really cool tours. I have pictures posted on Flickr, although some of the places we toured did not allow us to take pictures. Then, in April we returned to New York to take a tour of NBC at 30 Rockefeller Center which was great, although we were unable to take pictures we got to see the sets of Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and the Today Show. I also will have a new job next semester doing technical and network support at Kutztown which I am looking forward to.

The downside of having such a busy semester is that there is a lot of things I wanted to do that I just didn’t have time for, one of those was blogging but my Intro. to Mass Communication class required blogging through out semester about show topics which you can find here so there are some new posts, just not as many as I would have wanted to write. I  hope to write more blog posts than I have been over the summer when I have some more time. I have also decided that I will now be only putting personal updates out every three months instead of every two.

So now that school is over, I am back home and working at Staples again as I did last summer! Besides working, I have some other side projects as well, that I am going to be working which I will discuss further on the next update. One project I will be working on is my show, Showcase that shows the best projects produced by students in my major which I was unable to develop this semester. My goal will be to have it almost completely developed over the summer and then begin production early in the semester.

Personal Update- 2-27-12

Wow it’s been a really long time since I wrote one of these updates and yet not too much new has happened. I finished last semester with a 3.0 GPA again and then was home for a five week break, which is longer than previous Winter Breaks because Kutztown is now trying to have a Winter Semester online and needs more time to teach those classes. Over break I didn’t do all that much but the one major thing I did was change all my passwords which was probably the first time I did this in about 5 years! I plan to now change them much more frequently from now on and wrote an article about some password best practices that I came across when changing all my passwords. I wrote a fair number of articles since my last update and also posted all my blogs posts from New Media and Communication class last semester bringing the total post count up to 372 including this post! Also on the blogging front, I wrote an article for my Scientific Writing Class this semester about whether or not expensive cables like Monster Cable were worth the price and I posted that as well!

Now I am back at Kutztown and the semester is already almost half over, where does the time go? I am taking 7 classes for a total of 18 credits (this is because I have Intro. To Biology and Intro. Biology Lab which together are still only three credits) my schedule seems manageable and this is my second to last semester  on campus because next Spring, I will have a full time Internship at a location to be determined some time next semester. This semester I am taking Intro. To Mass Communication which also requires me to blog a few times this semester and those posts can can be found here. I am still working for both the Philosophy and Electronic Media (My Major) departments as a student worker. Along with a group of other Electronic Media majors, I have been involved in the broadcasting several Basketball games live to television and to the internet already this semester and we plan to do many more broadcasts before the semester is over.

This semester is also the  first semester that I am not involved in Newsbreak. Newsbreak has been a great experience but I have now moved on to develop a show called “Showcase” that shows some of the best projects made by the students in my major. This is a concept that I came up with a while ago and I am now working very hard on getting the show ready to air by the end of the semester! It is a lot of fun and I think it will be a great show! I will post more details about Showcase as decisions are made.

Showcase is being produced through National Broadcasting Society, which I was reelected Treasurer of in December, so I will hold that position for one more year! NBS is also heavily involved in the Basketball broadcasts and the several other productions this semester. We will also be going to New York City this year for our National Convention the third week of March.

I am still posting my pictures of Flickr (mostly taken on my iPhone now, because it is so convenient).

Personal Update- 10-23-11

This is going to be a really short personal update, because I haven’t done too much out of the ordinary this past month. I am still working on developing the new show with National Broadcasting Society. I have also written a few blog post bringing the total posts to 353 including this post!  Also, on Thursday, this site celebrated it’s 5th anniversary, I would like to thank everyone who has been reading these past years and I have a lot of new ideas for the future. The only other major change that has happened since the last update was that  I updated my iPhone and iPad to iOS 5, which I plan to write a review of soon. That is all I can come up with right now!

Personal Update- 9/19/11

I know I seem to start every personal update with this but, this time it seems like it has REALLY been a long time since I wrote one of these updates. The end of summer flew by between vacations and working at Staples while I was also preparing to move back to school. I actually moved in to school two days early because of the hurricane that stuck the east coast. Kutztown was without power, water and internet access for about 10 hours and was interesting trying to use my iPhone as my primary internet device for a day, while also trying to conserve battery, I was down to 4% remaining when the power finally came back on. (I have since bought a backup battery for my phone, so I am prepared for the next power outage).  I’m back in the same dorm room that I have been in for the past two years at Kutztown and have already gotten back into the swing of things.

This semester seems as  though it will be even busier than most previous semesters because of my course load, my new job as a student worker for the Electronic Media department (my major), the new show I am producing, in addition to the other activities I am remaining heavily involved in. The classes I am taking this semester are: Dinosaurs (Yes it’s a real class!), Personal Financial Management, Video Post Workshop, Principle of Marketing, New Media and Communication and Financial Accounting. One of the class assignments for my New Media class is to write a blog every week, plan to eventually publish those posts on this blog too.

The new show that I am producing, was an idea  that I thought of a while ago, and have finally gotten around to developing and preparing it to begin production. The show is a magazine show that shows-off the best projects made by Electronic Media students. As of right now, they are turned in for a grade by the professor and are sometimes shown to the class.  I know that my classmates make some really great projects and thought that this show would be a great way to show-off what our major does and should not be very difficult to produce. NBS will be developing it this semester, and then plan to begin production next semester.  I will be running the show, which is exciting and I really am doing all I can to make it a great show. So far everyone who I have told about my idea, have thought it’s a great idea so I really trying to make this great!

As you can probably tell, I have been really busy since returning to school which explains the lack of blog posts. I have come up with many great ideas but haven’t had the chance to sit down and write them. I have downloaded and installed the Windows 8 Developer preview, in a virtual machine, and have played around a little with it, although I am going to wait for a slightly more evolved before I write my review. As of right now, Windows 8 lacks some major functionality!  I also continue to use Google Plus, although not as much as I did when I first joined, but I still think it is doing some great things that Facebook is now trying to copy. I also setup a new HDTV at home this weekend and plan to write an article about the process of picking out and setting up a HDTV. I plan to start blogging more soon and cover the topics I mentioned before as well as others that I have come up with. I also expect an Apple event for the new iPhone and launch of iOS 5 so, I will definitely cover those as well!

Personal Update- 6/29/11

Even though its been over a month since my last update, not too much has happened. I have been home from College for over a month and a half not too much has happened. I have been working at Staples as an Easy Tech Associate selling computers and other electronics. I really enjoy working at Staples and helping people buy electronics. That has been keeping me fairly busy but that’s not all that I have been up to this summer.

I have written several blog posts including my coverage of WWDC and the release of Final Cut Pro X. I plan to write many more posts throughout the summer and possibly work on some other projects. You also may notice that this site also looks different, I gave a much needed face-lift in the form of a new theme and have also integrated  my Flickr photo gallery as well!

I also got an iPhone, I have the 16 GB Verizon model. After no new iPhone was announced on WWDC and rumors began to emerge of Verizon replacing their unlimited data plans with tiered plans, I decided I would get the iPhone 4. As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I don’t see the next iPhone having any major new features, so I got the iPhone 4 and have really enjoyed having it. I sold my LG Env and iPod touch since my iPhone serves the purposes of both devices. This is first smartphone I’ve had and plan to write a blog about my experience. I also have been working on going paperless and as I mentioned previously, I will write a blog about that in the near future.


Personal Update- 5/12/11

It’s really been a long time since I wrote a personal update again. I finished my 2nd year of College at Kutztown University and got a 3.56 this semester! I continued my involvement with Newsbreak, as crew and webmaster as well as National Broadcasting Society. National Broadcasting Society did a lot this year,  we took a tour of a local news station WFMZ (69 News) in Allentown, we also traveled to New York City and went to a taping of America’s Got Talent and got to see the production of a show as well as be a part of the studio audience. We also broadcasted two basketball games and last Saturday, we did a live broadcast of the Graduation Ceremonies both on television as well as a live stream to the web! National Broadcasting Society is also planning to produce a new show starting next semester.

The Weekly Spin has (at last) recorded the 100th and final episode of the show! It was a lot of fun, but it was difficult with the lack of bandwidth at school. I really enjoyed doing The Weekly Spin and would like to thank Plaz, Steve and William for helping me through the 100 episodes! This is also the 235th post written for, I haven’t been writing a lot this semester because of final projects and final exams. However, I plan to write a lot more this summer and would also like to produce a few video blogs as well! Stay tuned! Since my last personal update, I got a original iPad to replace my sluggish netbook which has been great for taking notes and has been great for everyday use! I was able to save a good amount of money by buying the original and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on any of the new features of the new iPad. I have also been using the iPad to go paperless which I plan to explain in a later post!


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