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Personal Update- 3/26/11

It’s been a while since I wrote my last personal update and since then a lot has happened! I have started my 2nd semester of my Sophomore year at Kutztown University. I am currently taking: Video Post Production, Communication Law, Principals of Management, Business Law, Fitness Walking (for my gym requirement) and Principals of Sociology. I am still involved heavily with Newsbreak although I’m not producing this semester, I am still the webmaster. In National Broadcasting Society, we broadcasted two live basketball games where I was technical director. We also went to the National Convention last week in Los Angeles where we attended workshops, took a tour of the NBC studios and watched the taping of a pilot episode of a new sitcom. It was a lot of fun and I have my pictures posted on my Flickr. I am also working with the Philosophy department on the website and updating the video I made last semester.

I haven’t been writing as much but, I’m up to 328 total posts. I have learned more motion graphics and other editing techniques also and have further developed my editing skills. The Weekly Spin has recorded 98 episodes and will record the 100th episode next weekend!

Personal Update- January 6, 2011

Wow it’s been a really long time since I wrote an update! I have completed another successful (very busy) semester  at Kutztown University. I have been busy with Newsbreak producing once a week as well as working crew twice a week. I haven’t done much with the Newsbreak website but, we have some plans for next semester and I was re-elected to the position of Webmaster for next semester! I have also been busy with National Broadcasting Society, where I was also elected to the position of Treasurer, with many events as well as going to the Regional Convention at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where our chapter won chapter of the year! I am also going to be going to the National Convention this March in Los Angeles! This semester I took Video Field production where I made several video, the best was my Final Project  which was a promotional video for the Philosophy department where I work. I plan to post my projects to Youtube some time soon.  I have also been updating the Kutztown Philosophy Department website and plan to do more including posting more pictures and videos to the site.

I have been writing a lot of new blog posts recently, and the total post count for (including this post) is 326! The Weekly Spin has recorded 90 episodes and is still going strong! In my little bit of  free time, I have been learning how to use Final Cut Studio (which I bought on eBay this summer) using the Apple Pro Training Series of books. I enjoy this and learning the new skills especially since I decided recently I would like to become a video editor. Recently, I have been learning how to create motion graphics in Motion.I also upgraded my Macbook Pro hard drive for 250 GB to a 500 GB drive and have my old drive in an external enclosure to be used as a portable drive.

Personal Update- October 10, 2010

Wow, I havn’t written a update for a long time! Not since school ended in May! I am now back in School in Kutztown and have been extremely busy! Between my classes, Newsbreak (which I am now on the executive board of) and National Broadcasting Society I am very busy which is why I haven’t written much here for a while. This semester has been tougher but, it has still been a lot of fun! I am taking: Video Field Production, Video Engineering and Troubleshooting, Business Information Systems, Principals of Microeconomics, Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Speech) and Personal Health Management (Health).

This summer was also a very busy one! I built a new website for my church using WordPress. I also went on several vacations including Florida. Those pictures and a lot of other pictures are availible on my Flickr stream.

The Weekly Spin has been rolling on even while Plaz was in Germany, we have recorded 82 episodes! There will be no episode this week, so next week will be episode 83! I wrote a few articles for my blog although there has not been a lot of new content in the past month. But, I plan on writing more very soon! This summer I also won a copy of Final Cut Studio 2 (Old Version) Academic Edition (No upgrade option) on Ebay! It was $185 which is great because this software is usually $1,000 when it is bought new! It is great to have access to software that has been used to make feature films and it has a ton of great features that I have been learning. I also sold my copy of Final Cut Express which I had been using as my editing software so when all was done, I paid only $50 for Final Cut Studio! I also got the new iPod touch 4 which is great because of the cameras and multi-tasking, I have been using it even more than my last iPod Touch.

Finally, I got a job! I am building a new website for the Philosophy department at Kutztown, as well as making some videos for them as well to use on their site! I haven’t got a lot done yet, but, I will post a link in a later post. I also plan to get back to writing these updates every month so, I will hopefully not go several months without an update anymore, although I have said that before.

Personal Update- May 16,2010

Well, I havn’t written a personal update in a while so, now that a lot has happened, I figured now would be a great time to write an update. I just finished my first full year of college at Kutztown University. I completed the year with a 3.0 GPA and have completed the four core classes of the Electronic Media Major, I also declared my Concomitant (Minor) in business.

While in school, I also became a member of the Natioal Broadcasting Society where we  have toured media facillities, such as 6 ABC in Philidelphia, went to Regional (in Millersville) and National (in Dallas, Texas) conventions where we learned from professionals and networked with both Students and Professionals. We also did several sports productions (2 basketball games live and 1 multi-camera shoot of a baseball game. Next year, we plan on expanding our activities and do even more productions. I also became involved in our campus news show, Newsbreak, four nights a week and continued to  produce this semester. I was also elected to the Executive Board with the  position of Webmaster for Newsbreak and have a lot of great new ideas for both the site and great new content for the site.

This past week, I moved all my sites from 1and1 to a new host, HostMonster primarily because 1and1 no longer had the technical specifications to upgrade WordPress. I’m glad I made the move although the process was very frustrating and espcicially when I first made the move  to Go Daddy and then moved to Host Monster. I am glad I made the move though because HostMonster offers more advanced features and will be better for the future of my sites.

Speaking of my websites, I am planning to write several new articles in the very near future now that I have a lot of more time to do it. I also have given a face-lift with a new theme and hope to complement that with some great new posts. The Weekly Spin has been going well, and we will be recording the 67th episode this week! Tomorrow, the 20th episode of Screencast Weekly will be released as well!

Personal Update- March 7th, 2010

Wow, it’s been two months since I wrote another personal update! I have written several articles since and The Weekly Spin has returned from hiatus and we will be recording our 59th episode tonight! I have been very busy with my school work this semester but, I have also been doing extracurricular activities as well! I am producing Newsbreak, the night campus news show every Tuesday as well as working as crew for the show every night, which is 4 nights a week! I have also worked crew in 2 live basketball games and have really enjoyed that! In addition, I helped high school students in the DVC 4500 video contest in developing their 5 minute short films and then I helped judge the first round of judging which was a very fun experience.

Tuesday, I will be traveling to Dallas with my National Broadcasting Society grup to the national conference in Dallas, Texas. I am excited to attend workshops and learn new skills! We will also be touring various production facillities while we are in Dallas and I plan to take many pictures which I will post on my Flickr account.

Personal Update 1/1/2010

Well Happy New Year first, off and it has been a long time since I wrote one of these updates, since September in fact. This was the third year of blogging on and I am proud to announce that at the end of 2009 I have over 250 posts! The Weekly Spin has now gone over 50 episodes and is on hiatus for most of January as Plaz travels to China.

I also finished my first semester of college and got a 3.0 GPA! I really enjoyed it and got to do a lot of fun projects. In my Fundamentals of Video production class, I got to Produce and direct a 5 minute live-to-tape show in the TV studio which was very fun . In Scriptwriting for Electronic Media, our final project was to write a script for an episode of a show that we chose. I wrote an episode of Family Guy which I really liked too and was fun to explore the scriptwriting process. In addition to classes I was a Producer and Crew memeber for the nightly news show on campus, Newsbreak. I also am a member of National Broadcasting Society, and went to Millersville University in November for the regional convention. In March we will be going to Dallas, Texas for the National convention.

I am currently working on a new project that I will be revealing soon. So, keep an eye out for that. That’s all I have right now but, I will try not to forget about these again and get back to doing them monthly!

Personal Update- September 27, 2009

Picture from My Flickr Page

Well it’s been over a month since I wrote my last update and there have been some changes since then! The biggest change is that I am now a college student at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania majoring in Electronic Media! I just completed my 4th week of class, and  I have really enjoyed college a lot! Some of my experiences have become blog posts like my idea of College without General Education Course and College Technology Survival Guide, and  be sure to expect more college-related posts as time goes by. I have posted pictures of my Dorm room to Flickr and will post many more once I get my camera back from being repaired. This semester I am taking: Scriptwriting for Electronic Media and Fundamentals of Video Production for Major-course, both I enjoy very much. One thing that Kutztown does in their media department, that most schools do not is they let us use all their equipment the first semester of our  classes while many others teach theory for the first year and then let the students use the equipment. Then for general education I am taking: College Composition, Introduction to Music Literature, and History of Civilization B. In addition to school work, I joined several activities on campus. First is Newsbreak, which is the fully student-run 15 minute  news show that broadcasts throughout campus and the surrounding areas. I will be working on Newsbreaks two nights a week, Tuesday as a Producer and Thrusday as Crew! I also joined the National Broadcasting Society, which is a group where broadcasting students, get together at conferences, learn more through workshops and network with professionals already in the field to have job-leads before graduating college. NBS also allows us togo on tours of production studios, and go to really cool conferences, the National Conference this year is going to be in Dallas, Texas! I also joined my residence Hall Council as well!

I have not done too much as far as websites are concerned, since I have been adjusting to college life, however, I have posted a few articles to my blog and more will be coming out soon. I also have some big plans for in the near future with a new site design, and the addition of a portfolio page so that as I develop some broadcast-related work, I can post it and have the best of it availible so everyone can see it! The Weekly Spin just hit 40 episodes! We only took one week off so Plaz an I could adjust to college but we are back on track and are now recording and releasing episodes on Sunday! I have a few new ideas for projects but, they are all in the early stages so I will share them if they make it to be  developed!

I just got a 1 Terrabyte External Firewire Hard Drive for my birthday which will be dedicated to al my video work and it is great! I have also become more of a user of web/cloud storage and now use Dropbox to synchronize my school work between my computers! I have also gotten pictures included in Schmap Guide of New York City for my pictures of Time Square and Rockefeller Center.

I think that is all for now, expect some changes to soon and I will be working on some more content very soon!

Personal Update: 8/15/2009

It has alreeady been almost a month since my last personal update and it has been a busy month and I will be getting even busier soon!

On the web front, I merged Cloud Scoop into’s Cloud Computing Section, which I did because I could not find too much content to keep both sites running and since I am going to college and will be becoming a full time student I figured it would be best to limit my web activities. not only has all the old Cloud Scoop content, I have also been adding video editing solutions and some other great content. The Weekly Spin has been continuing and Plaz and I agreed hopefully to only take one week off for moving into college and then continue the show. Tecker 911 has recorded it’s final and 100th episode! I will definitly tweet when the last episodes are released.

On the personal front, I am moving into college in exactly two weeks! This is really soon and I still have a lot to do but, I am very excited! I ordered all my textbooks from which saved a lot of money over the school bookstore. I went to New Orleans and the beach, I just got back from the beach , all my pictures are on Flickr!

That is about it for now, but, I will be blogging at college about experiences and all! I may not be able to blog as often depending on my workload but, I will try and blog when I have something to write if I have time!

Personal Update- July 18, 2009

It has been a while since I have written a personal update adn a bunch of things happened since my last update. The biggest thing is that I am preparing for college, I am moving in in a little over a month! I went to New York with my friend Michael Plasmeier and have pictures posted on my Flickr! I also got my new HP Mini 1000 netbook and love it, what an amazing computer I love it for short trips so I don’t need to have my full computer with me. I also got a refurbished Canon Vixia HF 100 high-definition camera, review coming soon. This is the same camera Plaz has that we use for Tecker 911 and it is amazing!

Speaking of Tecker 911, we shot 11 episodes on Monday and have recorded up to episode 99! This coming Monday, we are recording episode 100 which will also be the series finale! It has been a great run for the past 3 years but with 3 of the hosts going to 3 seperate colleges and the other two hosts still in High Scholl there was no real plausible way to keep the show running.

I will be going to New Orleans, Louisianna on Tuesday for a church trip to help rebuild the city! I will definitly take a lot of pictures and post them to Flickr when I get back! This will be a fun trip that also will help people in need in New Orleans!

The Weekly Spin has been going along well, we have recorded 32 episodes and our most recent episode had a video version as well because we recorded it after the Tecker 911 shoot! Cloud Scoop has gotten a few new posts but, I am running out of ideas and don’t think that I will have a lot of time for it once I am in college. I definitly will keep writing to my blog as I think of topics, but I will have to see how much time I have after classes and studying and all! I hope to keep as many sites going as possible but, I have to put school first. I have a few ideas for future videos that I hope to be putting out in the near future and I have been itching to make more videos because it is what I am majoring in and I really enjoy making them!

That is it for now, I hope to write more soon!

Personal Update-June 8th, 2009

Ok, so a lot has been going on recenly, and I have not been writing enough personal updates.

On the blog front, although I  am no longer writing posts 5-days-a-week, I am still activly writing new high-quality posts for and currently I have written predictions for WWDC and will write a wrap-up on Tuesday after the event.

The Weekly Spin has gotten up to 26 episodes and is going strong. I have begun to write more product and service reviews on Cloud Scoop, recently and I have been standardizing the pages on all my sites to include contact forms, about the site pages and other nessesary pages. Video has released 3 new videos recently and I have some ideas for more great videos.

Websites are moving at the same rate as usual personally  I have been quite busy.  I will be graduating High School tonight and will be getting ready for college this summer. I also have found a disk of old pictures from 2002-2005 that was fun to copy onto my computer and sort through and upload to Flickr. I have been doing a lot of stuff and should be slowing down soon and should let me spend some more time developing my websites.

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