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Photography Tips

Since the holiday season is a time for getting together with your family and friends, you may want to take pictures to remember the good times that you had. Here is a list of tips that will help you get better pictures. I will also release a post with video tips tomorrow!

  1. Read The Manual- Although it may be time consuming and seem noobish, it will give you the understanding of all the functions of your camera and give you help if you have any questions. It will help you get a better understanding of how to use the equipment and really get the most out of it.
  2. Use Manual Settings- Most users just use automatic settings which work some of the time and turn out decent pictures. However, if you really want to get the best possible picture, manual settings are the way to go. Not all cameras have all if any manual controls, most have white balance, exposure while higher-end cameras have many more manual controls. If you spend the time to read the manual and learn how to control the manual settings you really can take superior pictures.
  3. Take Many Pictures-You might think that your first picture was perfect but, take multiples and try different settings and angles to be sure you have a perfect picture. Memory cards and hard drives to store the images are cheap, and you can always delete ones that don’t turn out, it’s better than being stuck with a messed-up image.
  4. Don’t rely on Retouching- Photoshop and other photo editors have become really powerful but you still should work to make sure you start with the highest quality picture. Editing can only go so far if a picture starts out terrible don’t expect it to magically be fixed in Photoshop.
  5. Avoid Digital Zoom- Digital zoom allows you to zoom further than your lens will allow but as soon as you start using digital zoom, it will begin to add noise and pixelation to the image greatly reducing the quality of the picture.
  6. Always White Balance- Before taking that perfect picture, be sure to adjust the white balance of the picture. This is best done manually by zooming in on pure white to show the camera white white looks like under the lighting conditions. There are also preset settings in most cameras for general lighting like Fluorescent lights, Tungsten lights, and daylight.
  7. Press the Shutter Button Half Way First- Although this may sound strange, by pressing the shutter down half way before taking the picture, will focus the image and will provide higher quality picture in the end.

Photography and Video Production Require Similar Skills

Although, video production and photography are two different forms of expressing yourself, there are several skills that can be applied to both and this is why that before you begin learning how to produce video, you should get at least a primer in photography because those skill apply toward becoming a better video maker.

  1. White Balance
  2. Exposure
  3. Shutter Speed
  4. Lighting
  5. Framing Your Shot

If you can master these in photography, then you aron your way to becoming a better video producer. If you are already experienced in video production then you will be able to accellerate at photography!

Digital Camera’s Impact of Photography

Prior to digital cameras photography was limited to shooting to rolls of film and paying to have pictures developed. You could only share them by mailing them individually to friends and family. Then, digital cameras were created and everything changed. First of all, you can now take hundreds or thousands of pictures at a time and record them to memory cards instead of film which you need to continuously buy, you can reuse memory cards for some time. Next, you could store, sort and print you digital pictures on you computer instead of paying for development, you can print as many of the pictures you took you like for jusat pennies a piece. They biggest advantage is that you can either email pictures to all your friends and family or post them on social networks like Flickr and share them allowing you to share your photography with the world for little to no money. Pictures are also much higher resolution and look much better digitally. Digital cameras has revolutionized photography and made it more affordable as well aas higher quality.

Do Film Cameras Still Have A Place In Photography

Until the creation of Digital Cameras, all cameras recroded the images they took to film that needed to be developed before being able to be viewed. Now, there are so many great digital cameras that take very high-resolution images and can be printede at home or shared online to everyone you know! The question is, now that we have all these amazing digital cameras, do film cameras still have a place in photography or do they belong in musems and need to be replaced by digital cameras.

People claim that with the higher-end cameras you have more control with the film option, but most digital cameras give many options and Digital SLRs give even more and I doubt that anyone needs more.  Also, film cameras are less expensive for the most part and you don’t need to worry as much if your camera gets lost or stolen.

However, there are evenmore setbacks for film because the film is not reusable, so once a roll of film is used you need to buy a new one to be able to take pictures again. On digital cameras, all you need to do is copy the pictures over to a computer and clear the card and you can take more pictures and can repeat this many, many times before a memory card goes dead. In addition, film pictures have to be developed at a camera shop which costs a lot of money while, digital pictures can be printed on people’s printers or can be transfered over the internet.

In my mind there is no reason to still use film-based cameras because they are much more trouble and in the long run cost more. The worst part, is the fact that film pictures are not digital so unless you spend the time to scan the pictures you can not play with  them in photoshop or post them online!

Canon Powershot SD1100IS- The Best Camera I have Ever Used

In September I got the Cannon Powershot IS1100IS an amazing point-and-shoot digital camera and since getting it, I have become very interested in photography and has ignited a passion for taking pictures that I never had before. The camera’s design is verey sleek and very compact; however it is very elegant and takes fantastic pictures.  The camera takes very high resolution pictures at 8 Mega pixels and has a very wide array of features.

The camera has numerous shooting modes which allows the photogapher to take the best picture possible no matter where they are. The SD1100IS aloso provides image stablization which is a must-have for anyone with shaky hands because it stabilizes the picture and makes pictures as smooth as possible.  It also has many professioanl features like ISO and other features that are usually availible on a much more expensive camera. It has a 3X optical zoom and 4x digital zoom which makes taking pictures from a distance a sinch. Another big plus, is that it can shoot both still images and videos and very high quality videos at that! The rechargable battery lasts very long and I have only had to charge it a hnadful of time in the 5 months that I have owned the camera. Finally, more of a cool feature is that the camera has a built-in accelerometer and lets the user rotate the pictures as they rotate the camera which I find to be very cool!

The Powershot SD1100 IS is an amazing camera and when I was asked to pick out a camera for my sister I told my parents that this camera was the way to go and my sister loves this camera. The pictures are extremely high resolution and it also is very compact and lets me take this camera anywhere. The Canon Powershot SD1100 IS is only $154 on Newegg and for that price, you get the features of a $300 camera for half the price!

Why I got Flickr Pro and why you Might Consider It

Originally, I did not see why people would spend $25/year for Flickr Pro just to post pictures online. That was of course, before I began using Flickr originally as a Free user and discovered how powerful it was and how enjoyable and simple it was to share your pictures!

At first I decided I could try Flickr out at first and use a free account and see if it would be necessary for me to pay for the Pro account.  However, because I had a free account I was limited to only uploading 100 Megabytes each month and because of that I would have to stagger the pictures that I upload to get the best pictures online and hold off on the lower-quality images until the next month. I also could only make 3 sets, which group pictures from similar events or similar subject matter. This was not too much of a problem until I got my new Cannon Powershot 1100IS, which takes much higher resolution, pictures to significantly larger, file sizes. These two factors were huge in my decision to get Flickr Pro.  Sets were essential for me because I like to have everything organized and easy to find.  I thought about if for a long time but, then I realized it was totally worthwhile for me with as many pictures I take and would like to share with my friends and family.

For anyone who is considering getting Flickr Pro I recommend trying the Free account first and see if you want the extra features and if you do then go ahead and buy Flickr Pro.  For $25 /year you get unlimited picture storage which I think is an unbelievable value to you.  Flickr is great for casual photographers and if you are a more serious photographer, then you are probably better off with paying for Flickr Pro!


Many of my friends have been using Flickr for a long time and kept trying to convince me to join in and use it.  I finally started using Flickr yesterday and have to tell what I think about it.  The user-interface is both simple and elegant, you can easily upload your pictures from your web browser or a variety of installable applications that you can use to post your pictures.  You are limited to posting only 100 Megabytes of pictures every calendar month with a free account however, if you pay $25 a year you will be unlimited in pictures and can also make unlimited sets and post video.  Once you upload your pictures, you are able to tag people who are in the pictures and give descriptions, you can also make your pictures private so only your friends or family you designate are allowed to see the pictures or you can set it so that only you are able to view the pictures. Flickr is a great way to share your pictures and I recommend that everyone should give it a try because it is a great way to share and store your pictures.  You can share your pictures that you take with your friends and family both across the street and across the World!

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