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Klout: The Social Media Report Card

Klout DashboardSocial media isn’t just for sharing what you had for lunch anymore, it has become an essential marketing tool for small businesses and large enterprises alike to market their products and services. Why you may ask? Well, according to a study done last year, people on average spend 7 hours a day on social media which is more than the time spent on the phone, reading mail and e-mail combined, and since most social media sites are free, it is a highly cost-effective method of getting the word out about a business.

This is great however, how do you know your social media strategy is working? Maybe business will increase but keeping track of the impact of your social media strategy overall is a little difficult. While individual tools like Facebook Pages has usage data, it is more difficult to see how your strategy is doing overall across all the social media sites you use.

Klout help solve this problem by connecting some of the most popular social media sites and tracks engagement across all of them. Klout connects Facebook (both profiles and pages), Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, Tumblr, Blogger,, Last.FM, Flickr and Bing and based on the amount of engagement received on those sites, it gives you an “Klout influence score” from 1-100. It also shows what site is getting the most engagement and contributes most to the Klout score.  Klout has an account for personal users, those who may be freelancers, bloggers or single person businesses who want to track how they promote their products or services. It also has a business accounts for businesses small and large a like to gain insight into how to best promote their business using social media. While this free service may only rate social media strategies based on responses and not on other interactions, it still provides a single, easy to use dashboard to view a social media marketing strategy across many sites and determine how effective posts are in engaging the audience.

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