CES 2010 Thoughts

The Consumer Electronics Show has been for many years the place to see a preview of the new gadgets coming out in the coming year. Thanks to Leo Laporte and his TWIT Network as well as Revision3 I was able to see everything that was going on at CES without having to go all the way out to Las Vegas! One thing about CES is that there is a lot of weird or gimmicky stuff but, along all that, there are some really cool gadgets and I would like t share them with you.

One of the biggest things of CES this year were tablet PCs, although I have in the past not been much of a fan of Tablet PCs, but these new ones are really cool. The one that I liked the most was the Lenovo U1, this is a truley innovative device because it has a base that when it’s docked, it looks like a normal latop computer and runs Windows 7! However, you can pull the monitor part off the base and allow it to work as a slate and once it is off the base, it instantly switches over to Linux and goes right back to Windows 7 when you re-dock it.  This device is the best tablet computer I have ever seen, but, I have a feeling Apple will one-up Lenovo at there even at the end of the month.

One of the biggest gimmicks of CES, was 3D TVs, personally I don’t want to watch TV in 3D and definitly not if I have to wear 3D glasses. I think this will be a passing trend and won’t catch on.

Something, I found interesting is the Boxee Box which allows you to watch internet content both from television networks and web content on your TV using an internet connection and is a competitor to the very popular Roku box. Between these two boxes, I think I won’t need a Mac Mini for my media center in the future and I can use either a Roku or Boxee box and save over $300!

Another big thing was smartphones, Google’s Nexus One was released just before the show adn was there on display. The other big announcment is that the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi will be coming to Verizon in the first quarter of this year!

There were many other smaller gadgets that you may want to look at but, these are just my thoughts and what stuck out to me!

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