CES 2011 Thoughts

Last week was the annual consumer electronics show, where every major electronics manufacturer unveils their newest products and make all the electronics bought  over the holidays obsolete.  This year there were numerous 3D TVs, Tablets as well as many other  gadgets.  I think tablets are going to be the future of mobile computing, but 3D is just a passing fad and won’t last long. On the other side, there were voice activated TVs for those who loose remotes a lot or who just have too many remotes and aren’t sure of which does what. There was also a 4K TV, which is a very high resolution and I think a much better option that a lower resolution 3D television which is a gimmick at best. There were a lot of camcorders and still cameras as well, 3D camcorders were also there however, but once again I think they won’t last and think it is a better idea to just go with a normal higher resolution camcorder.  There were a lot of other gadgets as always, but there wasn’t much else noteworthy, so much goes on at CES it’s hard to keep track of it all. But these are the primary trends that I saw this year at CES.

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