Cloud Computing and Mobile Devices

Anymore, if I am considering getting an iOS application that will contain my data, I check to see if it synchronizes with some sort of cloud service. I recommend this not only for iOS but for all mobile platforms because it protects you from unexpected data loss as well as allows you to access and modify your data from your computer either in an application or through a web application. Protecting you data is very important, and because people are using these devices for a lot of important data and if the device break or the application crashes. Web apps and computer applications usually offer more features than it’s mobiel counterpart and lets you modify your data without using your mobile device and then sync the changes over the web.

The cloud is the future of most computing and especially mobile applications because it protects your data and then adds on top of that the ability to modify it though either the web or with a application. So next time you are looking at an application that you know will contain important information make sure it has some sort of web connection for extra convenience  and protection of your data.

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