College Should Be More Career Centered

I know the idea of general education in college is meant to make the students more rounded people but, I also think that those classes would be better utilized teaching the student more about their field of choice and making them more knowledgeable about what they plan on perusing instead of taking a class that is totally unrelated to their career and the student might dislike wasting time. It’s great to learn about thing unrelated to your career so that you don’t get over loaded with that information,  but you have had plenty of time to become learn all the basic skills like math, science, history and English  in Middle and High School. College should be focused on what you want to do with the rest of your life and expanding the skills you learned already by learning specifics related to your career path such as Scriptwriting for video production and math for Computer Science.  This will allow graduates to be much more competent when they get out into the work force they will have significantly more skills  in their field and they will be much better employees. Elective courses are fine if the student wants to take them but otherwise college should focus on the student’s field of choice and better prepare them for the working world. If general education was eliminated then, the students can be more focused on their field and be better in their field when they go into the job world.


  1. Pastor says:

    But Mike that is what a Liberal Arts is all about. I know at times it is a bummer to take courses that you don’t like – but even if you hate it – it is helping you in your future career, If you just want to learn about your career choice than a professional school – just in that field would be fine.

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