Creative Commons- The Future of Copyright

While the big record labels and movie studio take internet pirates to court for copyright infringement there is a another way to licence your work that let’s the viewers do more with it and still protect the owner’s rights. It is called the Creative Commons Licence which is also referee to as copyleft becuase it is very different from the standard copyright. Creative Commons let’s the creator of the content choose between several option to regulate what the end level consumer can do with the content.

Commercial: People can use this content for commercial use
Non-Commercial: it may not be used  commercially
No: People can’t modify your work
Share-a-like: share credit with the creator

If you want to licence your content there is a for on and then embedable code you can insert on your website to display your licence. Although the big old media companies are not going to be accepting to this new style of intellectual property management, a lot of web content like videos, podcasts, pictures and music are licenced in this way to help others on the web and share content. I use it now for my blog, The Weekly Spin, Screencast Weekly and my photos on Flickr so people can use my content in their work for free, they do have to give me credit. I think that with the growth of content on the web more people will use this licence method and will be benifical for the web as a whole becuase it will allow more free content to avaible on the web and will prevent long, drawn out  lawsuits over piracy.

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