A Day in the Life- Saturday January 3rd 2009

I wanted to give everyone a peak into what a regular day for me is and all the different things I do during the day. This a whole day of events from Saturday January 3rd 2009. I plan on doing a weekday Day in the life soon and will post that to the site as well.

A Day in the Life of Mike Gdovin:

7:37- Woke up and Made tea

7:45- Got on Computer and check my email

7:47- Read News on Google Reader

8:05- Watched Scam School

8:22- Created Gdovin Network Page on Gdovin.net

8:32- Renamed “My Sites” Page to Gdovin Network

8:36- Added Gdovin Network Banner to all Gdovin Network sites

9:09-Wrote friend regarding new project we discussed and see if he is ready to begin now or if he wants to hold off

9:15- Shared Google Document of  my plans for this project with friend to get plans rolling

9:18- Cleaned out old papers

9:25- Worked on developing new website set to go live sometime between Late January and Early February

9:41- Published first post on New website

9:50- Investgated Screen capture software for Mac

10:06- Tested iShowU HD and was impressed by results, plan to buy soon!

10:08- Researched how to use my own Router with Verizon Fios because Fios router is really bad

10:19- Ate Breakfast

10:45- Writing another article for new website

11:23- Investegated names for new website. I found a great name and cannot wait to announce it with the site!

11:50- Setup Google Analytics on all Gdovin Network sites to replace Statpress extention WordPress for more insightful analytics

12:35- Setup Podtrac Tracker to track downloads for my Audio Podcast The Weekly Spin

1:20- Unpacked from Recent trip from The Poconos that I just got back from yesterday!

1:34- Cleaned Tea Pots and made second batch of tea

1:41- Read new emails

1:49-  Wrote email about new method of advertising Gdovin.net

2:00 Read Google Reader news feeds

2:03- Removed unnecessary Google Reader Feeds

2:12- Looked into Google Notebook and discovered it is a great tool that I plan to utilize in the near future

2:13- Checked out Google Site Builder although I do not plan on using it, many people ask me what they should use and I want to see if I shuld suggest Google Sites.

2:16- Decided that Google Site builder is very good for people who want basic web development or do not wish to pay for a full web package

2:19- Went to Adagio.com and put together order from Adgio to restock my Tea

2:33- Downloaded the Weekly Spin Episode 4 to add intro music which was left out by Substitute editor when I was on Vacation. I added music in Audacity and exported it back to a MP3.

2:41-  Uploaded new Version of the Weekly Spin to web!

2:46- Double checked that new version worked on site- SUCCESS!

2:50- Browsed LinkedIn

3:06 Shower

3:36- Continued browsing LinkedIn

3:47- Wrote another new article for new website

4:15: Took a quick snack break while, planing out the rest of the day!

4:25- Put finishing touches on Blog posts I started while on Vacation!

4:50- Set blog release schedule for most of January- there is a lot of good stuff coming

5:07- Updated Personal Events Calendar on Google Calendar

5:16- Cleadedup and fixed Gmail Filters and Labels

5:23 Read More news on Google Reader

5:27- Wrote new blog post on Gdovin.net set to be released in Late January

5:52- Checked Flickr photo statistics

6:05 Looked at Google Adsense earnings from Gdovin.net

6:08- Checked Web Package usage to see how many resource I have availible

6:10 Found Out that I  am only using 25% of my allotted disk space!

6:14- Settup Twitter Account for The Weekly Spin

6:29- Wrote email to Michael Plasmeier regarding upcoming Tecker 911 shoot

6:35- Cleaning up Tecker 911 episode topics list on Projectpath

6:53- Ate Dinner

7:17- Updated Resume

7:38- Talked to Friends over Instant Messaging

7:41- Talked to Steven Stinson about future plans for The Weekly Spin and specifically the upcoming episode and special plans

8:13- Read Gooogle Reader news Feeds

9:00- Researched National Wifi Plan and Network Neutrality online, I know so much more now and plan to write about it on Gdovin.net!

9:45- Typed Up A Day in the Life Article

10:07- Watched Tekzilla

10:39- Read Google News feeds on last time!

10:45 Read last email of the Night

10:48- Went to Sleep


  1. Mike Gdovin says:

    “Good Artists Copy; Great Artist Steal”- Picasso

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