Digital Camera’s Impact of Photography

Prior to digital cameras photography was limited to shooting to rolls of film and paying to have pictures developed. You could only share them by mailing them individually to friends and family. Then, digital cameras were created and everything changed. First of all, you can now take hundreds or thousands of pictures at a time and record them to memory cards instead of film which you need to continuously buy, you can reuse memory cards for some time. Next, you could store, sort and print you digital pictures on you computer instead of paying for development, you can print as many of the pictures you took you like for jusat pennies a piece. They biggest advantage is that you can either email pictures to all your friends and family or post them on social networks like Flickr and share them allowing you to share your photography with the world for little to no money. Pictures are also much higher resolution and look much better digitally. Digital cameras has revolutionized photography and made it more affordable as well aas higher quality.


  1. Reed says:

    One of the reasons film is still around is the superior quality. It takes approx 25 mp to equal a 35mm film photo. This quality is almost never needed, and digital surely wins for convince and sharing..

  2. GSP Devices says:

    I can barely remember life before digital cameras. Polaroids and 35mm, ugh.

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