Digital Storage: Cheap and Convenient

Long gone are the days where hard drives cost a fortune and only large companies with hundred-thousand dollar servers could afford terabyte hard drives. Now, you can get terabyte hard drive for well under $100 and terabyte notebook hard drives, although still very expensive, are beginning to reach the market. With storage becoming so affordable there is no reason to delete data and all the more reason to digitize as much as you can because it makes the data easier to access! I know that computers are still considered to be a “new” technology however, as long as you backup, preferably off-site with a good service like Backblaze or Carbonite they even if a tragedy occurs like your hard drive crashes or your computer gets stolen, your data is still safe!

If you are a content creator such as a photographer or video producer, then you may want to make a large storage device that can hold several terabytes. Long ago, the only way was to build a large Network attached storage device or NAS which could be very expensive to build and took a lot of management. Now a company called Data Robotics make a device called the Drobo, which simplifies having RAID and protects data by striping it across multiple hard drives making sure your data is safe. With devices like Drobo, you can keep all your digital data safe by keeping it backed up. I have saved data for most of the time I have been using a computer and no have very old data that I can look back on and can easily find because it is all on my hard drive all because digital storage has become so much cheaper. Hopefully cloud storage will become this way as well!

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