Do Film Cameras Still Have A Place In Photography

Until the creation of Digital Cameras, all cameras recroded the images they took to film that needed to be developed before being able to be viewed. Now, there are so many great digital cameras that take very high-resolution images and can be printede at home or shared online to everyone you know! The question is, now that we have all these amazing digital cameras, do film cameras still have a place in photography or do they belong in musems and need to be replaced by digital cameras.

People claim that with the higher-end cameras you have more control with the film option, but most digital cameras give many options and Digital SLRs give even more and I doubt that anyone needs more.  Also, film cameras are less expensive for the most part and you don’t need to worry as much if your camera gets lost or stolen.

However, there are evenmore setbacks for film because the film is not reusable, so once a roll of film is used you need to buy a new one to be able to take pictures again. On digital cameras, all you need to do is copy the pictures over to a computer and clear the card and you can take more pictures and can repeat this many, many times before a memory card goes dead. In addition, film pictures have to be developed at a camera shop which costs a lot of money while, digital pictures can be printed on people’s printers or can be transfered over the internet.

In my mind there is no reason to still use film-based cameras because they are much more trouble and in the long run cost more. The worst part, is the fact that film pictures are not digital so unless you spend the time to scan the pictures you can not play with  them in photoshop or post them online!

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  1. Reed says:

    Film has higher resolution than digital, a correctly scanned roll of 35mm film is equal to 25 megapixels.

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