DSLR Cameras for HD Video Production

Until recently, Digital SLR cameras were used by mostly by serious photographers but now, the newest generation of DSLRs have the capability to shoot high definition video! This has been a growing trend and has allowed videographers to buy a DSLR camera instead of a professional or pro-sumer camera, which typically cost much more than a DSLR. Many DSLRs also have a microphone input as well giving you what you need to produce high-quality video. There have also been many accessories DSLRs allowing them to be used more like a video camera including viewfinders, audio adapters, shotgun microphones and much more.

This has become so popular that several television shows have shot full episodes on DSLRS including the last season finale of House which was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II. This allows people to produce high quality video, with lower cost of entry. It produces broadcast quality video at a lower entry prices and allows more people to afford producing high quality video. Although the feel of these cameras feel less natural than the standard camcorder, but with the quality you get for the price, there no denying that DSLR cameras can provide quality video at a great price and can rival camcorders. Personally, if I were looking for a new video camera, I would definitely consider a DSLR.

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  1. Camera says:

    I use a canon DSLRs camera, its HD quality is really great! The price doesn’t matter, when purchasing such quality cameras from canon.

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