Duel Screen Benefits

In March I bought a 20 inch external monitor for my MacBook Pro. Prior to this, I had my old Dell laptop serving as my extra screen to play media and display stories when producing The Weekly Spin. The was cumbersome and took up more space as well as enough power for a whole other laptop. Now  this new monitor allows  me to easily watch media by dragging windows to the edge of my MacBook screen and put them on the other screen. This is great because of how I like to have media playing while I work so I could have video running on the extra screen and work on other things on my MacBook screen. Also if you edit video like I do, you can have the preview screen on the second monitor so you can see it full screen and see all the details. There are probably plenty of other things you can do with two monitors, it is a great way to get more work done and expand your workspace.

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