E-books- The Future of Reading

Paper books have become so expensive to produce and buy, and they are they are heavy to carry with you wherever you would like to read. Even worse, once you are done reading your book, then you have to either give itaway, sell it to a used bookstore for much less than you paid or store it on a bookshelf taking up space even though, you may never read this book again.

In the past few years, Electronic books better known as E-books have been released as a file that you can buy and download online and read your books on your computer or your portable device. This solves almost all the problems with regular books and then some. First, since they do not require any materials to be printed, they are more afforable and many classic books are available for free at Project Gutenburg! Also, if you put it on an ebook reader, or anyother device that you can carry arround you can load many books on the device and even if you carry a laptop, you still will be able to carry more books for less weight as apposed to regular books. Finally, what I think is the best art is instead of taking up physical space on a shelf it is just taking up a little bit of hard drive space saving you the cutter.

There are also many e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle that not only makes reading e-books easy but also allows you to buy new books anywhere through EVDIO. I think that E-books are a large improvement for students who have to carry novels and textboooks for school and then just have them take up space afterward.  Instead, students can just buy a Kindle and downl0ad all their books on their and then when they are done with it just delete it and saving them from the weight and the space.

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