Evernote for Cloud Syncing Receipts and Business Cards

While I was in Los Angeles for the National Broadcasting Society, I collected a lot of receipts and for a while, I  had a stack of them sitting on the desk in the hotel room. Then I got a great idea. Why not use Evernote and take a picture of the receipts and have them all on my iPod touch tagged, searchable, synced and accessible anywhere! So all I did was made a new note with a snapshot, the pictures on my iPod Touch camera aren’t great but they get the information across. Then, I just gave them a title and tags, one being receipts so I could easily access all my receipts at once. You may also want to tag them with a month, tag them with the trip you got the receipt on or any other information that would make it easier to find the receipts.   Then I just saved the note and threw the receipt into the recycling because now I have it on my iPod and accessible anywhere! Even if you don’t have a internet connection, you can still go through the whole process and then sync your reciepts when you get access to the internet. So now if I want to find out how much money I spent and more importantly how much I have left, it’s all in one place and easy to find.

There are of course, dedicated receipt scanner apps but instead of installing and potentially paying for another app, you can have it with the rest of your Evernote notes and accessible everywhere through the cloud! Many receipt scanning apps only save them to the iOS device  and while they may be searchable, if you loose your device you lost all your receipts. The one thing those dedicated apps have that Evernote doesn’t is OCR which takes text in the image and converts it to editable, searchable text. But, since I am more likely just to look up a specific receipt  and not the text on the receipt this isn’t a huge deal.

This whole process also applies to business cards, which I got a fair amount of at my conference as well! The one thing you should note is that because the cameras on mobile devices especially on the iPod Touch are not the highest quality, so what I recommend is to write the important contact information into the body of the note before throwing out the original. Once again,  there are dedicated business card scanning apps but, why potentially buy another app when you can have it all easily accessible and synced with Evernote!

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