Features Every Website Should Have

Now that, i listed the old, outdated features that should be left off all new websites, I thought it would be good for me to write what every website should include. This list is important because these features make websites more useful to the viewer and this information is necessary to have up in order to run a successful website.

    1. About Me/Us Page

Since, the internet can be a place of anonymity and  anyone can really make a website an about me page is very important because it gives the viewers information about you and could help they have more reason to believe you. Otherwise, you could be mixed in with anyother generic website on the internet that has no credibility at all! This is just as important for a company so visitors can believe the credibility of your site and possibly do business with you.

    1. Contact Form

One of the best parts of the Internet is having the ability to contact people directly. I don’t recommend having a direct link to your email address because then it could be very easy for spammers to contact you and flood your email with junk. Forms also allow you to organize the information you receive.

    1. Mission Statement

A mission statement is very important for businesses but, is also important for personal websites, because they give the visitors the goal of the site. This is just another step in making your website look more professional and more trustworthy.

    1. Copyright Statement

Although this not crucial it is good to let everyone know the license on the content and how they can use it. If you don’t want to put it under all rights reserved, then you can use Creative Commons giving the visitor more freedom with your content.

Those are the main things that every website on the Internet should have. I hope that if you run a website and don’t have these that you will add them. There are some other things that I recommend however, I think these are mandatory while the others are more optional.

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  1. Alex says:

    Thank you for the advice. My brother Toby and I are going to use your guidelines to set up our first website.

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