Final Cut X Release Thoughts

Well, it’s finally here, today Apple released Final Cut Pro X and released along with it Motion 5 and Compressor 4. Final Cut Pro X is available in the Mac App Store for $299 while Compressor and Motion are each available for $50. So instead of $1,000 for the total suite as it was previously, you could get the whole thing for $400. However, we lost a few applications from the previous suite. The last version of Final Cut Studio included DVD Studio for DVD authoring, Live Type, which I assume was integrated into Motion, Soundtrack Pro which is probably integrated into the advanced audio editor in Final Cut Pro X and Color which is also integrated into Final Cut Pro X in the new color correction tools. I hope that the three remaining applications still have all the functionality that the former apps had  in addition to the new features. But now, you no longer to switch apps.  If this is the case, which at least I think it is, you really just need to use Final Cut for editing and then, use Motion just to make motion graphics  and then Compressor to prepare it to distribution. This will save a lot of time from switching apps as you had to in previous versions of Final Cut Studio.

Final Cut Pro X along with the other new Final Cut apps is a nice looking upgrade I’m going to wait until I see full reviews before considering upgrading. Although, I must say that the new features like Auto-render and the new advanced media management make this really tempting to get. But for those who couldn’t afford the Final Cut suite previously, it’s much more affordable to get the newest version of Final Cut now that it costs 40% of what it used to. However, for those who are familiar with previous versions of Final Cut, as I am, Final Cut Pro X is completely different so  you will have to re-learn the all-new interface. The one thing that i’m waiting for is to find out whether or not it will work with projects from previous versions, which it should, but I cannot be without them. But it looks like a great new version of Final Cut is here!

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