Many of my friends have been using Flickr for a long time and kept trying to convince me to join in and use it.  I finally started using Flickr yesterday and have to tell what I think about it.  The user-interface is both simple and elegant, you can easily upload your pictures from your web browser or a variety of installable applications that you can use to post your pictures.  You are limited to posting only 100 Megabytes of pictures every calendar month with a free account however, if you pay $25 a year you will be unlimited in pictures and can also make unlimited sets and post video.  Once you upload your pictures, you are able to tag people who are in the pictures and give descriptions, you can also make your pictures private so only your friends or family you designate are allowed to see the pictures or you can set it so that only you are able to view the pictures. Flickr is a great way to share your pictures and I recommend that everyone should give it a try because it is a great way to share and store your pictures.  You can share your pictures that you take with your friends and family both across the street and across the World!

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