Future of 3D Content

Recently everyone is making a big deal over 3D television and movies! I’m here to say it is just a trend, and will not become the standard with or without glasses. It produces a lower resolution image and gives many people headaches. I would much rather have a higher resolution picture that 3D because 3D is not that big of a deal, and is only beneficial in special movies.    I think the primarily adopted change in television in the next 5 years is the ability to play Internet content out of the box and higher resolution screens. 3D will remain a special feature for certain movies but that’s it. 3D will not be a standard in home entertainment. If you are looking to buy a new TV, do yourself a favor, don’t buy a 3D TV, focus more on the resolution and other features. 3D will not catch on, the producers don’t accept it nor do many consumers, so why bother!

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