Go Daddy Hosting Issues

When I decided it was time for me to move web hosts, I first signed up for Go Daddy, I thought that they had a good reputation and were similar in price to my old host.  However, once I signed up, I began to see issues. First, they try and charge you for everything, private domain registration, which was free with my old host, cost $10 per domain per year! Also just to get a forwarding email address costs $3 per year for a package of email addresses. Then, the other big issue was the control panel. Oddly enough, email accounts are in the account panel.  It was totally counter-intuitive, and just didn’t work. Going back to email, you get 5 packages of 100 email addressses with a totaly of 100 MB to share with them. First of all, this is not nearly enough email storage and this is a ridiculous way to do email.  That is just outragious and  so difficult to set addresses up. There are also 2 control areas that are completely disconnected, the Account controls and the hosting control panel. Domains also cost much more on Go Daddy and I have heard, that when you search a domain they register them and make them unavailable, while this is not confirmed, it is a very bad practice.  Go Daddy does have some good feature like the hosting connection that lets you install many content management systems from the control panel but, it takes much longer than a manual install and is not worth putting up with the many disadvantages.

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