Google CR-48 Laptop Thoughts

Last week, Google announced their Chrome OS laptop used to test Chrome OS the CR-48. Right now, this laptop is just for testing but it will be available  for consumers next year. Although I am a huge supporter of cloud computing, and Google’s cloud services, I think there are some issues with the Chrome OS. I’m not alone, the creator of Gmail (a former Google employee) said that Chrome OS will die in 1 year. I believe that this is partially because of the decline of the Netbook form factor but also because you MUST have an internet connection to use Chrome OS. I thought that this was a good idea for a “pure cloud netbook” but, then  I realized that even with cellular internet (which is built into the CR-48) there are still areas where you will not have an internet connection. This would make the computer useless. This needs to be addressed because although the areas that don’t have a cellular connection are getting fewer and fewer, they still exist and leave the device incapacitated. The other issue I have with Chrome OS is that it looks like a bigger version of the Chrome web browser, and that doesn’t seem to be a good user interface for an operating system. I think that Google is too late for the netbook market and agree that Chrome OS will probably merge with Android to integrate with the mobile market which is a more logical decision.

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  1. Reed says:

    I was thinking about getting this for college and installing win7. I decided it was a better value to get the Dell 11z (sprint version) with an Intel i3 because it kills this and any atom in performance for same power consumption.

    I think chrome os will have huge possibility if they reduce the cost of the hardware through economics of scale and huge volume for lower ATC.

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