Great Tech Gifts for the Holiday Season: 2007

I decided that people need help a lot finding Tech gadgets for holiday gifts. This is just a bunch of great gadgets that would make great gifts.  Feel free to comment any suggestions for others gifts I did not mention.

First off, is the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, my friend, Michael Plasmeier,  bought one and is a great little device. It allows you to access the internet, check your email, make calls on Skype, and did I mention it runs Linux, a free and open source operating system. It works well and allows you to communicate where every you go for the low price of $229. The only downside I have found in it was the fact that it cannot synchronize with Microsoft Outlook like my Dell Axim X50. Everyone doesn’t need that but for me it is a major shortfall  for me to not replace my Dell Axim X50.

If you need a notebook that you don’t  want to be wrecked by a virus. Check out the Macbook made by Apple.  The Macbook is a powerful, core two duo notebook with a gig of ram and built in webcam all in a small thin book. The macbook is a great PC to get for general use or if you need a more powerful notebook check out the macbook pro. The basic Mac book starts out at $1099 and the Macbook Pro starts at $1999.

Another great gift is the Nintendo Wii, if you can find it.  It’s code name was Revolution and it really is a revolution a cheap next-gen console for $250 that allows you to move and play electronic sports and exercise while you play video games. After I got my Wii in September I loved it! The one downside is because they only have one Wiimote with the console you have to spend $60 for another set of controlers and it is worth it because you don’t want to switch controlers when you play with your friend.

If you have an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 and are looking for a great game is Rockband. It is similar to  Guitar Hero but instead of having just a Guitar you have a guitar, a bass, drums and a singer. The game comes in a giant foot locker and has the hefty price of $169. In my optinion if you are choosing between Guitar Hero and Rockband I would pick Rockband because you can have a whole bunch of friends play as a band.

That is my gift guide for 2007. Feel free to comment suggestions.

Mike Gdovin


  1. Serepta says:

    You write very well.

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