Happy 25th Anniversary Mac!

25 years ago, on this day, Apple released the first real personal computer, The Macintosh. The Macintosh is the first computer that had a graphical user interface and the first computer that appeared to be akin to the modern computer. This computer began the true personal computer revolution and led to the development of other modern computers.

The Macintosh however did not just revolutionize the insudstry but it also saved Apple. Apple, was having some financial issues and they needed a groundbreaking product inorder to boost revenue. The first attemt at a GUI-based computer was the Lisa, rumored to be named after Steve Job’s daughter, however, the Lisa was over $10,000 and did not work perfectly which made it a complete flop! Meanwhile, Jeff raskin had developed thew idea of a computer that was an all-in-one, GUI display computer and began development of the Macintosh. After some development, Steve Jobs caught wind of the idea and decided to take over the project himself and in the end took full ownership of the project. In fact, at the product announcement Steve Jobs even claimed paternity of the Macintosh although he led a team of people who did the majority of the work and Steve did more of the motivating and focusing of the product. Apple really bet the whole company on the Macintosh and it paid off! if is was not for the Macintosh I would wadger that a GUI computer would not be on the market for at least five years!

After Steve Jobs left Apple, the Macintosh did not innovate as much and eventually lagged behind until; Steve came back and breathed fresh ideas into the Macintosh and now, the Mac OS and hardware are the most advanced computer systems availible. It has been a great 25 years since the first Macintosh came out of the bag and onto the desks of millions and I believe that Apple will continue to innovate and continue making the best computers on the market!

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