Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Part 1

Here is the first items of my holiday gift guide for this year! Remember to come back every Friday until the Holidays for a new post each week!

    1. IMac $1,199

Apple has updated their iMacs last month, and they are even better than ever! They start with a 21 inch display but, there is now a beautiful 27 inch display with the new Core I5 and I7 processors. These computers are great for almost anyone and are one of the slickest computers on the market.

    1. HP Mini 311 $400

I have loved using my HP Mini 100 netbook and this is it’s replacement. It is very similar to my netbook but has a few improvements. The display is 11 inches standard while the Mini 1000. cam with 8 inches, it also comes standard with a 160 GB hard drive instead of the 16 GB Solid state drive which, I think slows own the system. It also has a better graphics cards making it better for playing video than it’s predecessor. It is a great little laptop to take with you when you are on the go to get work done wherever you need to get work done!

    1. iPod Touch $299

The iPod Touch is a great little device to surf the internet, play games and listen to music! The newest version has a better graphics processor for gaming which Apple is really targeting at. It comes in a 8Gb model for $199, a 32 Gb for $299 and now a 64 Gb for $399! Whether you want to use it as an entertainment device or more like a pocket computer, as i do the iPod Touch is a very well made product!

    1. External 1 TB Hard Drive $100

Storage has become so inexpensive and a good 1 TB hard drive to storage all your files and media is great! It will give you so much space and allow you not to worry about running out of space for a good amount of space!

    1. Crucial 4* 4 GB Thumb Drives $34

Thumb drives are just a great way to move your data around between computers and this is a 4 pack of 4 GB thumb drives this is amazing for anyone to move their data whereever they need to go!

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  1. Alex says:

    I appreciate your gift advice. It’s often difficult choosing presents that the recipients will actually enjoy and find useful. However, I am currently financially challenged. Perhaps a bargain holiday gift list will help me find an ideal, yet affordable, present for my brother Toby. Thanks!

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