Holiday Gift Guide: Part 2

As Christmas and the holiday gift-giving season is around the coner, I will suggest more gift ideas for this holiday season:

Amazon Kindle:

The Amazon Kindle is an amazing ebook reader that for the price of  $360 you can store over 200 books and you also get newspaper subscriptions that can be downloaded over the built-in  EVDIO and you can also buy additional books anywhere! This saves you from having to carry arround tons of books and coulde be a great alternative for students who need to carry around many textbooks.

Nokia N810:

I have already mentioned how much I love my Nokia N800 but, there is also a newer Internet Tablet called the Nokia N810. The N810 not only provides a faster processor but, it also has a hardware keyboard that allows much faster typing on the device for email and instant messaging. The N810 also has a built-in GPS for getting directions and finding places. The N810 is a great upgrade to the N800 and is great for people who need to get a lot of work done on the go.

Cannon Powershot SD1100 IS:

I recently got this camera in September as a birthday gift,  and I have loved every second of using it.  The pictures are amazing quality, it has many features to make sure you can get the best quality images and did I mention that this camera was only $150 and for a limited time comes with a  2 GB  SD Memory card. The build of the camera is slim and can fit in any pocket and can go anywhere! This camera has a great  8 Megapixel image and has a 3X zoom and one of the neatest things is as you rotate the camera, the image rotates rotates similar to the iPhone.  This camera has become the de-facto point and shoot camera because it is such a great value for such a high quality  result

HP  Mini 1000 XP:

Just like many other computer manufacturers, HP has relese their own line of Ultra Portable Laptops and I believe theres is one of the best. The keyboard is 92% of a full sized keyboard and has a 1.6 GHZ processor and 512 Megabytes of RAM. The computer runs Windows XP and is perfect for business people who travel or college students. The reason is that, at $360 this is a great computer for taking notes, checking your email and surfing the internet, which is all people usually use portable computers for. This is great for anybody who travels a lot and wants to take a decent computer with them where they go!

Well this is the end of this installment of the Holiday gift guide. Next week, I will have a special Dexluxe Gift guide that will have extra gift ideas!

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  1. Reed says:

    The N810 processor is the same speed as the N800.
    The N800 is better value than the N810 for the money, especially considering you have to pay an additional $100 to get the GPS.

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