Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3

    1. Final Cut Express $199

For those of you who maybe have a digital video camera and want to make semi-professional video but, don’t want to spend a fortune on an editing suite, Final Cut Express is the software for you! Final Cut Express has most of the editing tools of the $1,000 Final Cut Studio suite but, at a fraction of the price. The express version does not include the separate audio editing tool, Soundtrack, Motion Graphics program, Motion or the color correction program, Color, but if you just need to do editing that is not extremely advanced, Final Cut Express will get the job done!

    1. 2 Terrabyte External Hard Drive $190

If you are doing video editing, photo editing, or just need a big drive to store all your data, then you should get a 2 terrabyte external hard drive. It will let you store what you want without having to worry for a long time about filling up your drive!

    1. Technology Books Various Prices

One thing many technology lovers have in common, is that they love to learn new skills or about the next big thing in technology. That is why I think that books are a great gift that not only will be enjoyed by the technophile in your life as well as teach them more about computers because it is an ever-changing world!

    1. iPhone 3GS 16 GB- $199 32 Gb- $299

The New iPhone 3Gs is even better the the old iPhone with at least double the speed of the iPhone 3G. The 3GS also comes with voice controls, video recording, Multimedia messaging, and much more! If you want to be productive or entertained wherever you are, the iPhone 3Gs does it for you and and incredible speeds.

    1. Canon Powershot 780 $200

I have always been a fan of Canon Powershot cameras and the newst one is the Canon Powershot 780 which takes amazing photos and has some how crushed it’s predecessor yet again.

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