Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3

Now that the gift giving season is only a few days away, here are my final tech gifts that are great for the holiday season.  I enjoy reccomending gadgets and technology for people to give as gifts and I continue to do this every year on! Here are my final suggestions for 2008 Holiday Tech gifts:


The new macbook from Apple is an amazing machine it has a sleek alluminum design, and is extremley powerful. It has a Nvidea grpahics card so it is great for work and games. This a great laptop for the average laptop users who don’t need the extra power of the Macbok Pro. Since, it runs Mac OSX, it is very stable and reliable so you can get what you need do when you need it!

Dell Studio Hybrid-

I put this one in because I know some people don’t want or can’t afford a mac so I wanted to give an option. The Dell Studio Hybrid is a sleek machine, it is perfecxt for both the office and home and even as a home entertainment center. I think it may be the nicest designed Desktop Dell has ever made!

Ipod Touch

The ipod touch is an amazing devices it plays music, games and surfs the web all in one little device. You can load applications either over iTunes or directly on the device over WiFi, it is the best iPod Apple has evermade and I think it will be for a long time.

Flip Camcorder:

This  device is probably the simplest camera ever to be used by you. It makes taking high quality video and pictures a snap and lets you transfer it with a built it USB port. There are two models one is Standard definition, the other is high definitition. This is great for people who like to travel or just someone who likes to take pictures and video!

I hope you all enjoyed my holiday gift picks this year, i hope you all have a happy holiday and read throughout 2009 and read my holiday gift guide next year!

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