Holiday Gift Guide: Part 4

1. Uninterpretable Power Supply $60

If you have invested in hundreds or thousands of dollars of electronics and you don’t want to have your equipment suddenly shut off when you loose power. That’s where the UPS comes, in, it will serve as a backup power supply so that power surges don’t damage your equipment. At the price of $60 it is totally worth it to protect all the expensive elctronic equipment.

2. Bose Sound Dock $599

For the serious music lover, the Bose Sound Dock delivers very high-quality sound and lets you truly enjoy the music on your iPod. That is if you are willing to pay the huge price!

3. LG HD Monitor $170

If you are interested in having some extra screen real estate or just a second monitor for your laptop, for your picture, movies or anything else this monitor will work well for you.

4. HP 25 inch monitor $280

Although it is $100 more than the 21 inch monitor it is a large screen great for professionals in graphic design or video editing.

5. Solid State Hard Drive $615

Another more expensive gift, but this drive is great for speed demons who want to get the fastest speeds out of a hard drive. Solid state drives are much more expensive than a standard hard drive and they don’t have as large capacities but, if speed is a major concern, then SSD may be  worth the money.

6. Windows 7 $120

For those who are running either  Windows XP and especially those who are running Windows Vista, Windows 7 is a great upgrade and makes your Windows machine so much faster.

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