How To Save Money in A Recesion

The Financial markets have been tough these past few years and by the estimates of the Federal Reserve will continue that way for the rest of 2009. People have been forced to accept lower wages and many have lost their jobs. Many people have had trouble making ends meet, and I have a few ideas on how to save a good amount of money.

1. Cancel Newspaper subscriptions

Newspapers not only cost money, but also take up space and why bother with the cost and mess when you could read news online for Free? Just subscribe to the free RSS feed and now you can read it on your computer instead of in paper.

2. Cut Your Landline

Another great way to save a lot of money is by canceling your landline subscrription and that saves a quite large monthly fee, and just have everyone call your cell phone and now you will always have your main phone with you at all times!

3. Subscribe to Bargain Hunter sites

I know that there are things people want to buy but, a lot of stuff is out of price ranges now, but may become more affordable laer. I like to check sites like: Woot, Lifehacker and Engadget which all provide daily baragins mainly in technology but also in other topics as well.

4. Buy used

I mentioned why buying used is so great and it truley is a great way to save cash so that you can get what you want and save money at the same time.

5. Buy off-brand

You don’t need the big brand-name products and off brand is fine. I do this with many gadgets like memory which you don’t need Sand disk, generic brands do just fine and save you a lot of money.

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  1. Reed says:

    CHEAHH, especially the cut landline
    4. Buy used, also, buy refurbished. That way you get a clean, new-ish product, WITH a warranty.

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