Internship Journal Week 10- 4/1-4/5


Monday: 4/1

Today was a busy day between us finishing the new Black Magic Camera rig and troubleshooting some issues we had with the camera we shipped to Louisiana. They had me look for Solid State Hard drives that were compatible with the Black Magic Camera and then find a local store that had them for the best price. I also explained that by using an external SATA dock thats only $40 you don’t need the camera to copy video files off of the drive. We will probably go tomorrow to MicroCenter for the drive, the dock and some ink cartridges for the printers we have in the office. I then was tasked with researching casing options for the Black Magic Camera online. We then had a client from ESPN who wanted us to dub some footage from tape to digital file from the X-Games. I used a tape deck and a Ki-Pro Mini digital recorder to digitize the file to ProRes and then I copied it to a portable hard drive that we will sell to the client with his file on it. Finally, we added the serial numbers for our new equipment into our records.


Daily Total Hours: 7.93 Hours


Tuesday: 4/2

I spent the morning putting the finishing touches on my video profile project and cleaning up the edits.  I showed it to the people at Allied Pixel and they liked it and gave a few suggestions that I fixed and finalized the video. We then went to the MicroCenter and picked up the solid state hard drive for the Black Magic Camera, an external SATA dock to read the drive and ink for our printers. When we got back to the office, I formatted the drive to be used on the camera and replaced the ink on the printer. We shot some test footage with the camera and then I installed the software on one of the edit machines. We found out that we need to use DaVinci Resolve color correction software to view the raw footage which none of our computers can handle.


Daily Total Hours: 7.88 Hours


Wednesday: 4/3

I began searching for cases to put the solid state drive, that  we bought yesterday, in when it is not in the Camera. I then searched for solutions to an issue we were having with the camera not being able to be charged using a certain charger rig we had setup despite it having the correct voltage. The website didn’t have any documentation about this issue so I contacted their customer support to see if they you’ll have a solution to our issue and they had yet to get back to me at the end of the day. The battery went down to 50% after we were using it for only about half an hour or so and since the battery is built-into the camera, we can’t simply swap it out when we are in the field.  We also spent a lot of  time today working on making our rig better for the Black Magic Camera and more comfortable for the operator.

Daily Total Hours: 7.66 Hours


Thursday: 4/4

Today, we continued to test out the Black Magic Camera and try to find a solution for charging it in the field. I also spent a lot of the day learning how to setup and run the TelePrompters they we use on shoots. This is good, because they said teleprompting is a good way to get started in the business. We also had a freelance camera guy come in and check out the Black magic Camera.

Daily Total Hours: 7.97 Hours


Friday: 4/5


Daily Total Hours: 0.00 Hours


The most valuable things this week were testing the Black Magic Design Cinema camera and picking out the hard drive and accessories for it at Microcenter because I basically took lead in selecting what we needed. It was also great learning how to tele prompt which gives me more skills I can use in the field.

Weekly Total Hours: 31.44 Hours

Total Hours to Date: 379.28

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